Vicki Barron Lakeside Trail

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Visitors can access the Vicki Barron Lakeside Trail (VBLT) using active transportation at no charge. While this community trail is free to use, the importance of maintenance and monitoring must be emphasized. By purchasing one of our memberships you can ensure the trail you love is kept safe for your friends and family, and enjoy the additional benefits of being a member.

Before you visit, check out:


Visitor and parking capacity limits in effect to ensure physical distancing.

If parking lots are full, please respect that there is no roadside parking and other nearby parking lots are private property.

Illegal parking is subject to fines and towing.

South Shore Access: Trail entrance off Highway 10 across from 4th Avenue, Orangeville – OPEN FOR PEDESTRIANS ONLY, ABSOLUTELY NO PARKING

Home Hardware Parking Lot: 60 4th Avenue Orangeville – CLOSED indefinitely.

  • You will be towed if parking here to use the trail.

Rotary Park: 75 Second Avenue, Orangeville

  • Parking permitted with trail access via George Douglas Way to trail entrance from Highway 10 and 4th
  • Trail access only, no motorized vehicles, lake access or watercraft permitted from this lot.

North Shore Access:

246306 Hockley Road, Mono (across the street from Mono Amaranth Public School)

  • 12 parking spaces, trail access is off the parking lot
  • Trail access only, no motorized vehicles, lake access or watercraft permitted from this lot

673173 Hurontario Street North, Mono

  • 26 parking spaces, trail access is off the parking lot
  • Trail access only, no motorized vehicle, lake access or watercraft permitted from this lot

Main gates to Island Lake Conservation Area: 673067 Hurontario St. South, Orangeville

Note: the large turnaround at the front gate is a no parking zone, for emergency vehicles only. You may be ticketed or towed if parked there.

Visitors must follow these guidelines or use at your own risk:

  • Practice physical distancing by staying two metres (six feet) apart
  • Stay on trails, stepping off only to allow others to pass
  • Yield to oncoming trail users when crossing bridges and boardwalks
  • Do not gather or arrange to meet family, friends or other groups
  • Visitors are encouraged to limit their group sizes to the members of their immediate household.

Trail Etiquette:

  • Please obey and rules of the park.
  • Ensure the trail you plan to use allows the type of activity you want to do.
  • Be courteous regardless of mode, speed or skill level.
  • Keep to the right.
  • Pass others on the left who are going your direction. Yield to slower and on-coming traffic.
  • Give audible warning before passing.
  • Respect private property, wildlife and habitat.
  • Do not create new trails, disturb or harass wildlife, or remove plant material. Do not litter.
  • All pets must be kept on a leash and under control at all times.
  • Always clean up after your pet.
  • Cyclists must yield to pedestrians. If the pathway is busy with pedestrians, consider walking instead of cycling. Cyclists must dismount when meeting pedestrians on narrow bridges at Island Lake CA.
  • Caution: All boardwalks are slippery when wet.
  • Be predictable by travelling in a consistent manner. Always look behind you before changing positions on the trail.
  • Do not block the trail. Use no more than half the trail width.


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