Where Heritage has a Home

Connect with nature and explore the past on the Niagara Escarpment, in the valley of the West Credit River.

Overlook a beautiful waterfall from the suspension bridge. Meet an escarpment trail where freshwater springs flow down limestone cliffs. Visit historical features in the park including the “belle” fountain, terrace and Yellowstone Cave.

This park was recently restored to help protect and manage the natural and cultural heritage of the property. 



Trail Name

Trimble Side Trail

This side trail of the Bruce Trail is named in memory of Roy and Eleanor Trimble, lifelong residents and historians of Belfountain. The trail runs along the steep slopes of the West Credit River Valley to the Forks of the Credit. This is not a loop trail.

Available Activities
0.4 km

Gorge Trail

This trail takes you up the steep river valley and through Niagara Escarpment outcrops. The trail intersects with the Trimble Trail, a side trail of the Bruce Trail. This trail is not suitable for pets due to trail surface.

Available Activities
0.5 km

Riverside Trail

This boardwalk trail follows the shoreline of the West Credit River. The trail features two scenic lookouts, with views of the heritage gardens and ‘belle’ fountain. While stopping at the second lookout, be sure to take a photo with Lucky the Fox. This fox statue pays homage to Samuel Western Brock, a trapper who was the groundskeeper for the park when it was owned by Charles Wilson Mack in the early 1900’s. The trail is stroller friendly from the start of the trail by station 2 to the second lookout with Lucky the Fox – there are no stairs along this section of trail. This trail is not suitable for pets due to trail surface.

Available Activities
0.2 km

Stroller Friendly

Bide-a-Wee Trail

The stone steps along this trail lead to the historic site of a cottage built by Charles Wilson Mack for guests visiting the park in the early 1900’s. The cottage, which is no longer there, was named Bide-a-wee.

Available Activities
0.1 km

Accessible Paths

These paths are accessible for all users, including wheelchairs and strollers. The paths are flat and wide, and surfaces are firm and stable. There are no stairs or obstacles along these paths.

Available Activities
0.3 km

Stroller Friendly

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