Protecting Drinking Water Sources

In May 2000, a municipal well in Walkerton became contaminated with deadly bacteria, resulting in seven deaths and severely impacting thousands of others. Following the Walkerton Inquiry, the Province passed the Clean Water Act in 2006.

This legislation is designed to help communities protect sources of their drinking water. The Act requires municipalities, businesses and residents to work together with Source Protection Authorities to create local Source Protection Plans.

Source Protection Plans

A plan to protect the sources of municipal drinking water is in place for the Credit River Watershed. The plan outlines policies and programs to protect water sources from contamination and depletion.

Learn more about the plan and the supporting science-based assessment reports on the CTC Source Protection Region website.

CTC Source Protection Region

Credit Valley Conservation is one of three Source Protection Authorities in the CTC region. It includes Credit Valley, Toronto and Region and Central Lake Ontario region.

Help Protect Sources of Drinking Water

Our actions matter. Everyone plays a role in helping to protect our sources of drinking water.

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