Protect Your Livelihood and Your Investment

You work hard to make a living from the land. You manage your farm with the land and water in mind.  We offer funding and technical assistance to help you grow your farm through land and water improvement projects. 

Whether you already have a project in mind or want to explore new opportunities, connect with one of our stewardship coordinators to discuss what’s best for your farm. After an initial consultation, we may arrange a site visit to better understand your interests. 

Opportunities for Farmers and Agricultural Landowners 

Explore land and water improvement projects for your farm. 

Discover your farm’s environmental potential. Get access to land and water improvement project funding by completing an environmental farm plan (EFP). You’ll learn about what areas of your farm excel environmentally and what needs improvement.

Once completed, we can work together to create an action plan to improve conditions that need attention and find funding for your projects. Let us walk you through the process and show you how an EFP can help you grow your farm.

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Get financial and technical assistance for your land and water improvement projects through the Rural Water Quality Program. Additional funding may also be available through our Landowner Action Fund and other subsidy programs. One of our stewardship coordinators will be able to determine what grants are available for your projects and help you get started with the application process.

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Join other hay growers across the watershed in protecting at-risk grassland birds by registering some or all of your hay acreage in our Bird-Friendly Certified Hay program. Connect with farmers selling bird-friendly hay or landowners with land available for growing bird-friendly hay.

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Protect the natural diversity of your property by installing habitat structures and managing and removing invasive species. Our invasive species experts will help you identify invasive plants on your property and create a customized removal plan. We also provide technical information to your preferred contractor.

Once the species are removed, we can explore restoration projects that will benefit your farm. You can also install an artificial habitat structure to support birds, bats, raptors and other wildlife on your property. Purchase one of our DIY habitat kits directly from the CVC store. Connect with a stewardship coordinator to learn about installation services or larger habitat creation projects, like raptor poles, barn swallow nesting structure and snake hibernacula.

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Planting cover crops and building erosion control structures can improve water and soil health on your farm. Qualified properties can receive funding for their projects through our rural water quality programs. Learn about what cover crops and erosion control structures are right for your farm. Connect with a stewardship coordinator to get started.

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Manure is rich in nutrients and bacteria which has the potential to impair water quality if not managed appropriately. There are three phases to proper manure management: collection, storage and disposal.

We can help you develop a nutrient management plan and determine appropriate manure storage structures to protect streams and well water quality. Funding may be available through one of our rural water quality programs. Review the rural water quality program guidelines for your region, then connect with us to learn how to get started.

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Planting trees can reduce input costs and improve productivity on your farm by reducing soil erosion, increasing animal comfort and welfare, reducing snow management costs, and creating windbreaks to shelter crops.

Large-scale plantings on fragile land can also create habitat for beneficial wildlife that can help with pest management. We offer a full-service tree and shrub planting. Qualified properties can receive funding to cover up to 100 per cent of the costs on certain projects. Protect your investment and build a plan to manage the health of your forest. Contact a stewardship coordinator to get started.

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Wetland, stream and pond health is important for overall water quality and ecosystem health. We can provide technical advice and restoration services to improve waterbody health on your farm, including livestock fencing, buffer planting and naturalization services. Get started by learning more about wetland, stream and pond management services or by connecting with a stewardship coordinator to discuss opportunities for enhancement.

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Restoring open areas or retired fields to native grassland or meadow can support beneficial wildlife, like pollinators and birds. We offer funding and technical expertise for qualified projects. Our restoration experts provide custom planting plans and site preparation, planting, maintenance and monitoring services. Learn more about our grasslands and meadows restoration services  or connect with a stewardship coordinator to get started.

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We know your farm is unique. After an initial consultation, we can arrange a free one-hour site visit to identify land and water improvement projects to support the goals you have for your farm. To get started, contact a stewardship coordinator.

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