Keep Your Property Green and Healthy

A rural lifestyle has many benefits, but also challenges. A countryside property’s special features require an extra level of management.  

We can help you sustainably manage your land and water, so you can enjoy its natural beauty for years to come. Whether it’s dealing with forest pests or protecting the safety of your well water, we’ve helped hundreds of landowners choose the best options for their properties and the environment. 

Rural Landowner Services

We can help you care for your rural property. Get advice and funding to support managing your property.

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Request a Free Property Visit

Explore your property with our stewardship experts to learn how to protect and enhance your land and water.


Fund your Project

Apply to the Landowner Action Fund and work with us to find additional grants.

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Attend a Workshop or Webinar

Make the most of countryside living. Learn about how to care for your property and environmental issues affecting your community.

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Prepare your Property for Climate Change

Learn how to build resilience and protect your property from flooding and extreme weather. We can help you assess your risks and determine which areas need improvement.

Planting trees on your property creates habitat for wildlife, improves air and water quality and enhances privacy. If you own a property of two acres or more, we’ll cover up to 90 per cent of the cost of eligible tree planting projects when you plant with us.

We provide the trees, put them in the ground and monitor their health. You may also be eligible to receive additional tax incentives through the Managed Forests Tax Incentive Program. Review our tree and shrub planting services guide to learn more or contact a stewardship coordinator to get started.

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Managing your well and septic is critical for protecting your drinking water. We can help you assess the condition of your well and septic and make recommendations so your drinking water stays safe. If improvements are needed, funding may be available for eligible well and septic system improvement projects.

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Explore septic system resources.

Invasive species are a threat to the natural beauty of your property, destroying native habitat, overtaking well-tended gardens, and lowering your property value. Our invasive species experts can identify invasive plant species on your property and create a customized removal plan. We also provide technical information to your preferred contractor. Once the species are removed, we can explore restoration projects that will benefit your property.

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Explore our invasive species resources.

Maximize your woodlot’s potential and keep your forests healthy with a customized plan prepared by our Registered Professional Forester. Whether your goal is to create habitat for wildlife, generate income, or create recreational spaces, our team of forestry experts can assess the condition of your woodlots and create plan that works for you. Learn more about our sustainable forest management services or contact a stewardship coordinator to get started.

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Support native pollinators and birds by restoring old fields and meadows on your property. We offer funding and technical expertise for qualified projects. Our restoration experts provide custom planting plans and site preparation, planting, maintenance and monitoring services. Learn more about our grassland restoration services or get started by connecting with a stewardship coordinator.

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Wetlands, ponds and streams enrich your property’s landscape. They’re also important for ecosystem health. They create habitat and filter pollution. We provide technical advice and restoration services to improve waterbody health on your property, including streamside plantings and pond management recommendations. Learn more about wetlands, ponds or streams management services or get started by connecting with a stewardship coordinator to discuss opportunities for enhancement.

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One of the most enjoyable aspects of countryside living is experiencing local wildlife. We can help you attract wildlife to your property with funding and technical support for qualified habitat building projects.

Add a nesting box for birds, plant pollinator-friendly gardens, or connect with a local farmer to grow bird-friendly certified hay on your fields. There are many opportunities for enhancing wildlife habitat on your property. We can help you determine which projects are right for you.

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