Travel Along the Bruce Trail

Explore nature’s beauty. The park’s 1,086 acres will give you a taste of wilderness close to the city.

The park features the headwaters of Silver Creek, a small tributary of the Credit River, and a large Niagara Escarpment valley. Discover the riches of the land as you wander past babbling brooks, lush mature forests and escarpment rocks. Hike amongst the sights and sounds of nature along forest trails.

We strongly recommended having a copy of the Bruce Trail Reference or park map before heading out on the trails.



Trail Name Length Difficulty Stroller Friendly

The Bennett Heritage Side Trail starts at Scotsdale Farm, an Ontario Heritage Trust property located off 27 Sideroad. A small section of this trail is located within Silver Creek. It passes through a variety of ecosystems.

Available Activities

0.8 km N/A No

This section of the Bruce Trail takes you through scenic escarpment vistas and mature forests. Explore the steep valley wall of Snow’s Creek leading to a wooden bridge crossing the creek. Then enter a cedar forest, where the boardwalk will lead you across Owl Creek. Hiking experience required.

Available Activities

6.3 km N/A No

Part of this loop trail is on top of an esker. Deposited by meltwater from retreating glaciers, eskers are long, narrow ridges made up of layers of sediment. Hiking experience is recommended.

Available Activities

3.9 km N/A No

This trail follows the old Irwin Quarry access road. It reconnects with the main Bruce Trail, making a loop. Although the area was replanted, you can still see exposed limestone. Hiking experience required.

Available Activities

1.1 km N/A No

You can access this trial from 9th Line. It goes through woods and includes pond views from a boardwalk before climbing the escarpment. It rejoins the main Bruce Trail at the edge of the Silver Creek Valley. The trail is named after Mr. and Mrs. George Roberts who maintained this section of Bruce Trail for many years.

Available Activities

1.5 km N/A No

This one-way trail follows the bottom of the Silver Creek Valley. Enjoy beautiful escarpment views and opportunities to see unique plant species, such as the walking fern. Rocks, exposed roots and downed trees make it a challenging and strenuous hike. Hiking experience required.

Available Activities

0.8 km N/A No

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