Low Impact Development

Low Impact Development Economics

LID Economics

Learn about the economic incentives and benefits of Low Impact Development.

LID Training

LID Training

Upcoming Events COURSE DATE TIME TRIECA Pre-Conference Training- Erosion Control for LID…

LID Planning & Construction

LID Planning, Design and Construction

Examples of CVC-led LID and information on how to plan and construct LID practices.

LID Maintenance & Monitoring

LID Maintenance & Monitoring

CVC monitors LID sites to better understand maintenance needs and how LID performs over time.

LID for stormwater rates

LID for Stormwater Rates

Starting in 2016, the City of Mississauga will be instituting a stormwater utility charge.

LID Project Map


Check out sustainable projects happening throughout the Credit River Watershed.

LID Resources

LID Resources

Learn about the process and best management practice tools for management of stormwater within…