Moving Rainwater to the Ground!

Low impact development (LID) uses cost-effective construction and building methods to filter, store and return rainwater and snow melt to the ground. We advocate for the use of LID because it:

  • Mimics nature
  • Cleans and cools water
  • Reduces localized flooding risk
  • Reduces stresses on traditional stormwater infrastructure.

Our Areas of Work

Sustainable Technologies Evaluation Program (STEP)

We are a partner in STEP, a conservation authority-led initiative to foster the implementation of sustainable technologies such as low impact development.

Greening Corporate Grounds

You can build success into your corporate social responsibility and sustainability plans with sustainable property enhancement projects.

Infrastructure Performance and Risk Assessment Program

We work to understand the long-term performance and life-cycle management of low impact development and stormwater technologies.

Training for Professionals

Our experts and industry professionals offer training on the design, construction, maintenance, and monitoring of sustainable low impact development practices.

LID Projects

We’re building and evaluating the performance of a smart blue roof system at our administrative office building thanks to the Intact Adaptation Action Grant.

Watch this video to learn more.

Explore our smart blue roof initiative.

We partnered with Glendale Public School in the design, development and maintenance of a rain garden at Glendale Public School.

Learn about the Glendale Public School Rain Garden Project.

We’re building six rain gardens at local schools. This is supported by an EcoAction Grant from Environment and Climate Change Canada and the Toronto Zoo.

Learn about Our Students for Stormwater Project.

We’re finding ways to encourage wide-scale use of green infrastructure on private and public properties to manage stormwater.

Learn about partnering for stormwater solutions.

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