Help Stop the Spread of Invasive Species

Invasive species can take over natural areas and gardens. We work with you to identify invasive species on your property and to provide removal advice. We can suggest beautiful native plants that support wildlife and add diversity and colour to your property. 

Invasive Species Management Services

  • Free site visit to provide recommendations on the following:
    • Invasive species identification on your property
    • Management advice outlining the best options for removal of invasive plant species.
    • Technical assistance to hire an invasive species contractor
  • Fee for services includes:
    • Project planning where we create a customized invasive plant removal plan for your property.
  • We can connect you with other restoration services to enhance the natural features of your property including tree and shrub planting, habitat structure installations, grassland management, invasive species management, and wetland, stream and pond management.

  • The cost of our services is determined following our site visit and based on the size of your property and scope of work.
  • Learn if you qualify for funding. Connect with us to discuss your invasive species management project.

  • Available subsidies and grants are based on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • All program fees and costs must be paid prior to creation of plan.
  • All prices and product availability are subject to change without notice.

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