About Our Services

We provide technical advice and plan input/plan review services to our member municipalities on applications made under the Planning Act. This includes review of:

  • Official Plans and Official Plan Amendments
  • Secondary Plans
  • Zoning By-laws and Zoning By-law Amendments
  • Plans of Subdivision
  • Plans of Condominium
  • Consents (severances and lot-line adjustments)
  • Minor Variances
  • Site Plans

We review and comment on various municipal policy documents, strategies, and development applications to make sure that they are consistent with the natural heritage protection and natural hazard policies of the Provincial Policy Statement. We may provide comments based on additional roles and responsibilities as outlined in Conservation Ontario’s Memorandum of Understanding with the Province.

In particular we offer comments based on the following roles and responsibilities:

  1. Watershed Based Resource Management Agency and Public (commenting) Body under the Planning Act – providing comments based on CVC’s Board approved policies.
  2. Planning Advisory Services – providing environmental planning and technical advice/comments based on service agreements or memorandum of understanding.
  3. Delegated Responsibilities – providing comments representing the provincial interest regarding natural hazards (except forest fires) as identified in Section 3.1 of the Provincial Policy Statement (2020).
  4. Regulatory Responsibilities – providing comments to ensure the coordination of requirements under the Conservation Authorities Act Section 28 regulation, to eliminate unnecessary delay or duplication in process.
  5. Source Protection Agency – providing advisory comments to assist with the implementation of the CTC Source Protection Plan under the Clean Water Act, as applicable.

Through Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs), we provide comments to municipalities on how environmental impacts from development can be avoided or reduced. We provide advice on such as natural hazards, natural heritage, water quality and quantity under such arrangements.

Our areas of work, in delivering services, include:

  • Environmental Assessment review
  • Plan input and review
  • Planning Ecology review
  • Engineering Plan review
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