Protecting People and Property

We issue permits to residents in regulated areas to protect people and property from flooding and hazards.

We can help you understand if your property is subject to our regulation, and how this affects your project.

Before You Build

View our online regulation mapping tool, and determine if your property is regulated. 

If your property is located within a CVC regulated area, you may require a permit to do work on your property. Projects subject to permitting include:

  • Construction of a house/building
  • Construction of an addition
  • Construction of a shed
  • Construction of a deck
  • Site grading
  • Major landscaping (including fill placement)
  • Lake Ontario shoreline protection works
  • Alteration to a watercourse
  • Interference with a wetland

Learn more about regulations and permits and our permit application process.

Costs of Services and Permits

We provide a standard fee schedule to help you plan your budget.

View Regulation Mapping

We provide regulation mapping for all lands within our jurisdiction. See if your proposed project area is in the Credit River Watershed.

Property Information Requests

Want to know more about your property? Are you interested in purchasing a property?

You can request property information from CVC to verify if:

  • The site is regulated
  • What natural and hazard features exist on the property.

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