Our Parks Have Trails for Everyone to Enjoy

Enjoy more than 60 kilometres of trails at our parks. Trail ratings range from beginner to advanced and include parts of the Bruce and Trans-Canada trail networks.

As you explore our trails, you will cover a range of geographical features, including the Oak Ridges Moraine and the Niagara Escarpment. Take in the beauty of nature and the picturesque setting of our parks. Enjoy a leisurely stroll or challenge yourself to a rugged hike.

Some trails have limited activity use so please follow park guidelines for trail use.

Be Prepared for the Trails:

  • Choose the right trail for your fitness level.
  • Check the weather before heading out.
  • Tell someone where you will be.
  • Pack essentials:
    • Sun protection (sunglasses and sunscreen)
    • Bug spray
    • Bring snacks and extra water
  • Wear the right clothing and footwear.
  • Pace yourself.
  • Leave no trace. Be sure to use park provided waste receptacles or take your waste with you.

Explore Our Park Trails

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Trail Etiquette:

  • Please stay on designated trails. Don’t go off trails. For your safety and to protect soil from erosion do not take shortcuts.
  • Respect the sounds of nature. Avoid using loud voices and creating noise from mobile phones and music.
  • Be predictable and travel consistently so other trail users know what to expect. Always look behind before changing positions on a trail.
  • Don’t block trails. Please stay within your own half-width of a trail.
  • Cyclists must yield to pedestrians. If a pathway is busy with pedestrians, consider walking instead of cycling. Dismount when meeting pedestrians on narrow bridges at Island Lake CA.
  • Be cautious. All boardwalks are slippery when wet.
  • Observe wildlife from a distance. Do not follow or approach wild animals.
  • Never feed wildlife. Feeding animals in the wild damages their health and alters natural behaviours.
  • We have garbage and recycling stations throughout each conservation area. Please use them and don’t litter.

Read the full Visitor Rules for our parks.

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