Planning and Acting for Sustainability in Hungry Hollow

The Hungry Hollow Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Plan (SNAP) is a plan developed with your community to make Hungry Hollow ravine and the Delrex neighbourhood more sustainable and ready for a changing climate. Together, we’re beautifying the neighbourhood and protecting the environment.

Your Neighbourhood Action Plan

The Hungry Hollow Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Plan (SNAP) was developed through a collaboration amongst:

  • Credit Valley Conservation (CVC)
  • Town of Halton Hills
  • Local residents, community members and leaders

The action-oriented plan addresses local environmental opportunities and community interests. It advances the sustainability objectives of project partners at the neighbourhood scale, including the Town of Halton Hills’ Climate Change Adaptation Plan. It guides the Delrex neighbourhood and Hungry Hollow area towards urban renewal and climate resilience.

The plan was endorsed by Halton Hills Municipal Council and CVC Board of Directors in 2020.

Key Features of the Plan

At the heart of the Action Plan is a collective, forward-looking vision for the neighbourhood, developed in consultation with the community and project partners. 

The Hungry Hollow SNAP area is a healthy, climate resilient neighbourhood, with biodiverse natural spaces and green infrastructure championed by caring, connected residents and community members.

The goals of the SNAP include:

  • Thriving Hungry Hollow, Silver Creek and Black Creek
  • Vibrant Parks and Open Spaces
  • Connected Streets and Infrastructure
  • Resilient Homes and Businesses
  • Strong Schools and Community

The SNAP focuses on four overarching priorities:

  • Enhancing Biodiversity in Hungry Hollow and Beyond
  • Strengthening the Urban Forest
  • Upgrading Local Stormwater Infrastructure
  • Fostering Community Health and Well-Being

The Plan outlines 28 recommended actions. These actions include stewardship of natural areas, enhancements in the public realm, sustainable actions on private properties and robust community engagement.

Early actions such as community engagement, natural areas stewardship and sustainable home landscaping programming are underway.

The Plan also provides a framework for measuring progress and shared success.

About the Neighbourhood

The area of focus for the Hungry Hollow Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Plan (SNAP) covers 580 hectares of land within the Silver Creek and Black Creek subwatersheds.

It’s south of Guelph Street, east of Maple Avenue, north of Main Street South and Miller Drive, west of Hall Road

It’s home to over 10,000 people.

The area includes:

  • The Delrex neighbourhood of Georgetown
  • Part of the Credit River-Hungry Hollow Centre for Biodiversity

This significant natural area boasts invaluable biodiversity, supports community well-being and warrants targeted protection and enhancement.

As a mature urban area, it presents:

  • Numerous opportunities for restoration and retrofit
  • Significant natural assets to protect and enhance
  • An active community ready to engage in climate action.

Project Partners

Credit Valley Conservation, inspired by nature.
Town of Halton Hills.

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