Low Water Conditions

In partnership with the Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources and Forestry, we help coordinate and support the local response in the event of a drought.

We monitor local water levels and precipitation and participate in a water response team consisting of representatives from the province, municipalities, conservation authorities, local water users and interest groups.

Current Flood & Low Water Status

River & Streams


Lake Ontario Shoreline


Low Water Conditions


Low Water Conditions: Normal

After a dry September and relatively dry October, CVC entered Level 1 Low Water Conditions on November 1, 2023 until January 3, 2024.

Low Water Messages

When drought conditions are possible or occurring, we post it on our homepage.

Green block representing normal water level status message.


Conditions are within normal limits.

Yellow block representing level 1 water level status message.

Level 1

First indication of potential water supply problems, primarily a warning level – key focus is on voluntary conservation of water.

Orange block representing level 2 water level status message.

Level 2

Indicates a potentially serious problem – conservation of water is extended to provincial/municipal restrictions on non-essential uses.

Red block representing level 3 water level status message.

Level 3

Indicates a failure of the water supply to meet demand – key focus is on conservation, provincial/municipal regulation and provincial/municipal enforcement of non-essential uses.

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