We Plan and Act to Protect Lands in the Credit River Watershed

Our watershed – the Credit River Watershed – is located in one of the most densely populated regions of Canada yet contains some of the most diverse landscapes in southern Ontario. It covers over 860 square kilometers of natural space, farmland, rural villages and diverse urban and suburban communities.

CVC has a mandate to protect, restore and manage the natural resources of the Credit River Watershed. We understand the watershed is a system of interconnected landscapes and natural features that promote biodiversity. We act to maintain ecological functions and sustain the ecosystem services on which we all depend. Our stewardship includes our conservation areas, which play an important role protecting significant natural features and functions as well as connecting people to nature by providing opportunities for appreciation and recreation.

The health of the watershed and its residents are intertwined. We plan and manage our natural spaces in a holistic way. This is essential for ensuring long-term sustainability and community well-being.

We undertake a variety of conservation planning efforts, including:

  • Development of strategies and plans to protect water resources and natural heritage
  • Development of local science for evidence-based decisions
  • Development of management plans for CVC properties to ensure a balance between the protection of significant resources and the use and enjoyment by the public
  • Research and tool development to guide our operations and help our partners in managing the natural resources in the watershed
  • Evaluate the performance of our environmental restoration and low impact development projects to understand if we meet project goals and inform future restoration projects

Our Areas of Work

Natural Heritage System

We have developed a Natural Heritage System Strategy to guide our work in the Credit River Watershed.

Biodiversity Conservation and Natural Heritage Management

We create tools, guidelines, and strategies for the management of plants and animals to protect and enhance nature.

Conservation Areas Management and Restoration

We have developed the Conservation Areas Master Strategy to guide the management of our conservation areas system.

Conservation Lands Restoration Projects

We restore and enhance nature on our conservation lands.

Land Acquisition and Securement

We plan and act to secure land to support our vision for the watershed.

Source Water Protection

We collaborate to protect sources of drinking water in the CTC Source Water Protection Region.

Ecosystem Goods and Services

We consider the entire ecosystem in making recommendations about flood resiliency.

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