Stroll Along the Rolling Meadows

Connect with nature on this 400-acre property. Enjoy views of the Credit River which runs throughout the park. Experience different natural habitats from wetlands, to forests and meadows. See wildlife thanks to the green corridor that connects large areas of land and water.

Hike the first signed section of the Credit Valley Trail, a proposed 100-kilometre pathway from the along the length of the Credit River. Grab your binoculars and discover birds that call this area home. You might see a great blue heron near the water’s edge.



Trail Name

Dragonfly Park Trail

This narrow trail located in Dragonfly Park is managed by the Town of Orangeville. It provides great scenic views of the wetlands to the south.

Available Activities
0.7 km

Stroller Friendly

Marsh Trail

Take in the view of the Orangeville Wetland Complex. The wetlands act like a filter, cleaning the water. Be sure to take a deep breath as you walk through the fragrant cedar forest.

Available Activities
2.6 km

Safari Grassland Loop

This trail traces the perimeter of a restored grassland where you can spot grassland birds such as bobolink and eastern meadowlark. The trail also passes through an isolated sugar maple-rock elm forest. Trail surface is mown grass and soil. Rest areas are less than 1.7 km apart.

Available Activities
1.7 km

Bobolink Trail

This short trail has a long, steep rise that offers views of the restored grassland. Trail surface is mown grass. No rest areas on this trail.

Available Activities
0.2 km

Credit Valley Trail

Take your time on the rolling hills as you take in the spectacular views of the Credit River and surrounding landscape. This trail intersects with the Grassland Safari Loop. Trail surface is mown grass and soil. No rest areas on this trail.

Available Activities
1.1 km

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