Strategic Plan

Our Future Taking Shape

Strategic Plan 2020-2022

It was with great excitement that we launched Our Future to Shape, our strategic plan for 2015-2019. We accomplished a lot within five years, but there is much more to do as we continue to face challenges to the natural environment such as climate change, rapid urban growth and invasive species.

When we began down the path of updating our strategic plan, it was impossible to imagine the barriers we would face that challenged our progress. We persevered and are now pleased to present Our Future Taking Shape, Credit Valley Conservation’s Strategic Plan for 2020-2022. It outlines our vision, mission, values and commitments that guide our operations. There are eight goals with associated outcomes and directions.

Our Future Taking Shape – Strategic Plan 2020-2022

This strategic plan updates the previous plan Our Future to Shape: Strategic Plan 2015-2019. This document provides a framework for internal alignment and work planning over the next three years.

Yong person planting a tree in a field.

Our Future to Shape – Strategic Plan 2015-2019

This strategic plan is a reference document for our organization, directing business planning, project planning, employee objectives, workforce planning and budgeting. It guides us, yet provides enough flexibility to meet changing needs. It ensures we remain accountable to our partners, donors, taxpayers, and above all, to the environment.

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