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Our Friends of the Credit Conservation Awards honour the important work being done in our watershed. We celebrate our partners and neighbours that share our vision of a thriving environment that protects, connects and sustains us.

Make the effort to recognize environmental effort! Nominate an individual or organization for a Friends of the Credit Conservation Award.

Award Categories

Nine award categories recognize the hard work and accomplishments of those who make a positive impact in the Credit River Watershed.

Eligible: Individuals and groups under age 29

Recognizes: Those under 29 years of age, striving to be future environmental champions.

Eligible: Individuals and groups

Recognizes: Those who generously give personal time to protect, connect and sustain our local natural environment.

Eligible: Individuals and groups

Recognizes: Those who connect communities with nature through education and outreach to promote environmental awareness, appreciation and action.

Recognizes: Those implementing restoration projects that increase natural cover and improve aquatic, terrestrial and wetland habitat on private lands.

Eligible: Corporations and businesses

Recognizes: Those corporations and businesses that take action and adopt new and creative approaches to plan for an environmentally sustainable future.

Eligible: Individuals, groups and public entities

Recognizes: Those public entities that implement leading edge green infrastructure in new development and existing urban areas.

Eligible: Individuals and groups

Recognizes: Recognizes and celebrates leadership and initiatives that focus on diversity, equity and inclusion; engaging and supporting people of diverse backgrounds and cultures to participate in environmental activities that support a sustainable future.

Eligible: Individuals, groups, corporations and businesses; excludes government agencies.

Recognizes: Those who donate land or funds to purchase land, ensuring its long-term protection.

Eligible: Individuals, groups, corporations and businesses

Recognizes: Those with a sustained record of achievement and commitment. Their ongoing leadership and dedication will leave a legacy of inspiration.

NOTE: This most prestigious award is only given in extraordinary circumstances. It may not be given every year.

Eligibility Requirements and Award Criteria

Nominees must meet eligibility requirements to be considered for an award. To be eligible to win an award, the following conditions must be met:

  1. Project and/or activities must contribute to the protection, connection and sustainability of the Credit River Watershed.
  2. Award recipients can be nominated in subsequent years, however any project can only be awarded once.
  3. Self-nomination is allowed when submitted with a letter of support.
  4. Award recipients cannot be an active CVC board member or staff, or have been acting as a board member or staff while undertaking the activities for which they are being recognized.
  5. Award recipients must be in good-standing with CVC’s planning policies and regulations.
  6. Projects and activities must align with CVC’s values that demonstrate inclusive and respectful practices and integrity through ethical decision making.

Nominations are vetted by CVC staff and reviewed by a sub-committee of the CVC Board of Directors. Awards will be given to an outstanding project, individuals or groups in each category that meet the following criteria:

  1. Alignment with CVC’s vision of a thriving environment that protects, connects and sustains the Credit River Watershed.
  2. Leadership and the ability to influence and inspire the community.
  3. A lasting contribution to create environmentally resilient communities for future generations.
  4. Values diverse perspectives, work experiences, lifestyles and cultures.

2021 Award Winners

We are proud to recognize our award winners!

Lukasz Padiasek for his commitment to CVC’s Frontline and Conservation Youth Corps programs where he contributed countless hours towards environmental outreach and restoration projects.

Maria Pakulnicka and Patricia Griesser for their dedicated efforts to help CVC Pollinator Gardens in Mississauga thrive. Their work has inspired others in the community and contributes to a healthier, more resilient urban environmental.

Lynn Sinclair Smith for her commitment to the sustainable landscaping of the Headwaters Health Care Centre where she has spent countless volunteer hours managing and coordinating on-the-ground stewardship efforts.

Jutta Holdenreid for her dedication to create and maintain the Mono Pollinator Garden. This community feature helps educate the public and brings awareness to the importance of pollinators.

John Monczka for showing his passion for the environment through volunteer work with the “Bring Back the Brookies” project and his various riverbank clean-up projects for Trout Unlimited Greg Clark Chapter

Adam Tompkins, Julia Orazem, Heather Little and Scott Richards for their leadership in installing rain gardens on school properties in Caledon. These green infrastructure projects increase stormwater capacity, incorporate native plants, improve biodiversity and are an innovative and interactive learning tool for teachers and students.

Steve Noakes for his volunteer efforts and dedication to document the Credit River’s riverbank and aquatic ecosystems through photography and video. His work is used by community organizations and clubs to create awareness, educate and inspire the public to protect the natural environment.

Credit Valley Trail Indigenous Roundtable for their instrumental leadership and continued dedication to create placemaking features and program opportunities along the Credit Valley Trail and honour Indigenous heritage and present-day culture.

Anwar Knight for his dedication to educate and inspire communities about the importance of a healthy environment on various social media platforms. Through storytelling and activities, he highlights the immense value of nature and the need to protect it for community health and well-being.

Blooming Boulevards for connecting neighbourhoods to nature by encouraging and supporting native plantings on boulevards. By replacing grass with native gardens, they are supporting local pollinators, educating neighbourhoods in Mississauga and empowering homeowners to support sustainable communities.

Mark and Nancy Latam, and Margaret Burt for restoring and stewarding their land. Together, they have planted over 10,000 trees on the property and restored 6.5 hectares within the Credit River Watershed’s Natural Heritage System.

Dufferin North Peel Anglers and Hunters Association for transforming their property over 50 years of ownership through a Forest Management Plan and planting over 1,500 potted plants on three hectares of land. They accomplished stewardship projects that support a healthy watershed, including a wetland restoration project, bird box installations and well upgrades.

Wendy Walgate and Duncan Glaholt for their passion for stewardship to transform over 14 hectares which represents 72 per cent of their property. Over the last 15 years, they’ve planted 12,500 trees and restored 400 metres of stream that supports a cold-water fish community. They have become life-long stewards of the land, fostering a multi-generational connection to nature.

Whole Village Property Co-Operative Inc. for managing a 77-hectare multi-family cooperative farm in Caledon that focuses on responsible stewardship of the land. Since 2002, they have planted over 25,000 trees and shrubs, installed a 27,000-litre rainwater harvesting system, and protected 5.7-hectares of hardwood forest and 11-hectares of provincially significant wetland to improve the natural environment.

IMAX Corporation for their continued efforts to inspire environmentally sustainable practices among the business community and their commitment to low impact development stormwater practices through the Greening Corporate Grounds program.

Diamond Tree Care for their commitment to nature and the Students for Stormwater project, sourcing renewable materials to build rain gardens at schools. Their work enhanced school grounds and provided space for students to participate in hands-on environmental learning.

Jim Muscat for his ongoing commitment and passion to support environmental initiatives within the Credit River Watershed. Jim has served on the Credit Valley Conservation Foundation board of directors since 2006, holding both chair and vice-chair positions during this time. Year after year, Jim participates in all foundation events, including the Conservation Gala, Charity Bonspiel, and Conservation Auction. Jim has personally donated over $147,000 in support of conservation initiatives led by CVC, and he inspires others in the community to get involved through his tireless example of taking action to protect the environment for future generations.

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Previous Award Winners

Winners in 2019

Award CategoryRecipient
Youth AchievementDeon Singh
Outstanding VolunteerJanice McClelland
Environmental AwarenessMichael Sklad
Landowner StewardshipSarah Mailhot
Corporate Leadership1) Four X Development
2) Global Investment Bank and Financial Services (Citi)
Green CitiesTara Day-Orzechowski (Glendale Public School), Adam Tompkins (Peel District School Board) and Michael Hoy (City of Brampton)
Legacy Donor n/a
Watershed Excellence Gavin Dandy

Winners in 2018

Award CategoryRecipient
Youth AchievementDipen Goyal
Outstanding VolunteerWarren Young
Environmental AwarenessDr. Premek Hamr
Landowner StewardshipBartley, Ann and Mary Bull
Corporate LeadershipLakeview Community Partners Limited
Green CitiesCity of Mississauga
Legacy Donorn/a
Watershed ExcellenceSylvia Bradley

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