Conservation Matters: Award-Winning Work in the Credit River Watershed

Two people holding an award trophy resembling a tree on a rock.

Read our Six-Part Weekly Series Highlighting the 2023 Conservation Award Recipients

Part Five: Corporate Leadership Award Winners

In our fifth week of our Conservation Matters: Award-Winning Work in the Credit River Watershed series, we’re highlighting our Corporate Leadership Award winners. This award is issued to those corporations and businesses that take action and adopt new and creative approaches to plan for an environmentally sustainable future.

First Corporate Leadership Award Recipient

Two people holding an award trophy resembling a tree on a rock.
Keuhne+Nagel accepting the Corporate Leadership Award

Our first recipient was Keuhne+Nagel for their commitment to nature through sustainable programming, including environmental, social and corporate governance topics. In 2022, the Mississauga location set a target to plant one tree or shrub for each of their 1,800 employees in Canada.

They also lead by example in stormwater management innovation by including low impact development technologies, such as permeable pavement and rainwater harvesting cisterns, in the construction of their Meadowvale Business Park facilities. These technologies help mitigate the impacts of rainwater runoff and pollution from storm events and prevent flooding. Keuhne+Nagel are helping to protect water quality and ecological health of the Credit River Watershed. Gary Boettger accepted the award on behalf of Kuehne+Nagel.

Second Corporate Leadership Award Recipient

A person holding an award trophy resembling a tree on a rock
Harry Reindeers, accepting the Corporate Leadership Award on behalf of R&M Construction.

The second recipient was R&M Construction for their commitment to CVC’s environmental stewardship. They have undertaken vital restoration projects, including the construction of Terra Cotta Conservation Area’s award-winning wetland restoration, Mustrat wetland restoration and Wolf Lake Pond bypass project. R&M Construction also helped transform Belfountain Conservation Area through last year’s restoration project and Upper Credit Conservation Area’s bridge replacement and channel restoration.

The company specializes in the restoration of natural waterways and is committed to an environmentally sustainable future. They adapt their construction practices to minimize impact and preserve nature and they are a national leader in watercourse restoration construction. Harry Reindeers accepted on behalf of R&M Construction.

Third Corporate Leadership Award Winner

Two people holding an award trophy resembling a tree on a rock.
Corporate Leadership Award Recipient Phil and Gail Winters from GoodLot Farmstead Brewing Co.

Our final award recipients were Phil and Gail Winters, owners and operators of GoodLot Farmstead Brewing Co., a local brewery that uses organic and regenerative farm practices in their production.

The farm and brewery, located in Caledon, uses several strategies to achieve carbon-zero, including avoiding the use of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, rotational livestock grazing and nitrogen dense cover cropping. GoodLot is also a valued partner of Credit Valley Conservation Foundation (CVCF), supporting CVC’s conservation efforts through annual fundraisers like the CVCF silent auction and Conservation Gala.

Check back next week when we highlight our Green Cities Award winners and our Watershed Excellence Award winner.

Nominations Now Open!

We are accepting nominations for this year’s conservation awards. Submission deadline is Feb 20, 2024. Learn more about Our Conservation Awards program or nominate someone today!

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