Planning for the Future

We’re developing a new watershed plan. A watershed plan is a tool that helps us understand the past and plan for the future health of the watershed. It identifies current and future conditions in forests, wetlands, streams and groundwater, and proposes solutions to address any identified issues.

The first watershed plan was completed in 1956. This new plan will use the latest science and data, as well as partner, stakeholder and community input to establish long-term priorities for CVC and municipal partners. It will set the stage for our scope of work for years to come.

Watershed Plan Phases

The creation of new watershed plan is a multi-year process that will involve three main phases outlined below. You can be a part of the watershed plan, too. Together, let’s create a watershed plan that protects, connects and sustains our local natural environment.

The first phase of the Watershed Plan is almost complete. The Characterization Report will tell the story of the health of the Credit River Watershed and how it has evolved from the 1950s to today.

Characterization Report

  • Fall 2023: Completion of the Characterization Report. Technical chapters of the report will cover the history of the watershed, human demographics, climate and climate change, land cover and land use, natural hazards, water resource management, water quality and quantity, biodiversity, ecosystem health, and natural assets and ecosystem services.
  • Winter 2023: Completion of a summary report of the findings from the Characterization Report.

Community Engagement

The second phase of the plan will look towards the future to 2051. We’ll project how the health of the Credit River Watershed may be affected by a changing climate and land use, and the actions we can take.

To do this, we’ll consult with municipalities and climate science experts in fall 2023. This information will help us develop realistic land use and climate scenarios.

In spring 2024, we’ll input data about our watershed’s natural heritage features and water resources into scientific modelling software to understand potential future scenarios which will be summarized into an Impact Assessment Report (summer 2024). Future scenarios will include factors such as access to greenspace, the potential reactions of climate vulnerable wildlife, stream temperature variations and erosion potential across the watershed.

In the final phase, we’ll develop a blueprint that will outline actions that will help protect, restore and enhance the local environment to support the long-term health of the Credit River Watershed through a newly completed Credit River Watershed Plan.

Community Engagement

In summer 2024, we’ll start engaging with local municipalities of the Credit River Watershed. Public engagement and feedback on the development of the watershed plan will follow in the fall.

Watershed Plan Report

We’re aiming to have the watershed plan completed by early 2025 along with an Implementation and Monitoring Report.

Get Involved

The community’s voice is an important part of this process. The engagement plan for this project has two goals:

  1. To provide key partners, community organizations and the public with the opportunity to provide input and feedback to inform the watershed plan
  2. To raise awareness about the development of the plan and the importance of watershed planning

Engagement opportunities will be provided throughout the planning process to answer questions and seek feedback on issues and opportunities.

Current Engagement Opportunities

We do not have any current opportunites. Sign up for the Watershed Plan newsletter for project updates and notices for upcoming opportunities to get involved.

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