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General Questions

Please refer to our online regulation mapping.

Our permit processing timelines are based on the Conservation Ontario Client service guideline. Refer to Conservation Ontario Client Service Standards Guidelines for more information. Contact us about your project for specific information.

Yes. Our fees vary on the type and scale of a proposal. View our fee schedule for more information.

As always, planning applications should be made through your municipality. Do not submit applications directly to CVC. The municipality will circulate your application to us. Please copy all review agencies directly when you are resubmitting changes to an application to ensure that each agency is reviewing the same information.

Digital submissions are preferred. Be sure to include all necessary information to form a complete application. Please contact the relevant municipality for more information on how they are processing applications.

Please contact your local municipality for information relating to tree cutting by-laws that may affect your property. A permit from CVC is not required for tree removal on private lands.

Please refer to A Guide to Credit Valley Conservation Agricultural Development Permitting for more information.

Not seeing your question? Submit your question, and our expert staff will do their best to answer it.

If you would like to report a violation or what may be unlawful activity, please contact a Regulations Officers by

  • Calling 905-670-1615 extension ‘0’ where CVC staff will be able to direct your call to an officer. You can make an anonymous report by phone.
  • Emailing us at [email protected].
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