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Congratulations to Whole Village on their 2021 Friends of the Credit Conservation Award

Along the Town of Caledon’s northern boundary lies a beautiful 191-acre farm owned and operated by Whole Village, one of the deserving recipients of the 2021 Friends of the Credit Conservation Awards.

Whole Village is unique in that it’s an ecovillage. About 25 members live on the farm and work hard to care for its natural features, while sustainably producing much of their own food, as well as food for the greater community. Their shared goal to provide a functional example of resilient, equitable and regenerative living is the fabric that knits the members together.

This year is a milestone year for Whole Village. Not only were they recognized for their stewardship achievements at CVC’s Friends of the Credit Conservation Awards ceremony on June 9, but 2022 also marks the twentieth anniversary of the farm and the establishment of their conservation easement with the Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy to forever protect the natural integrity of the property. 


The success and longevity of Whole Village reflects the dedication of its members, like Brenda Dolling and Mary MacEachern who have been there from the start. Not only have they contributed to the growth of the farm, but they’ve also provided guidance and expertise to new members, like Carrie Rubel and Nancy Urekar who accepted the Friends of the Credit Conservation Award on behalf of the cooperative.

From left to right: Councillor Martin Medeiros (Brampton), Carrie Rubel (Whole Village), Nancy Urekar (Whole Village), Councillor John Brennan (Town of Erin).

“We can’t imagine doing what we’re doing without the guidance and expertise of members like Brenda and Mary,” says Carrie. “A lot can be learned from books, classes and the internet, but nothing beats the special knowledge that comes from years of working a piece of land. This can only be passed on from person to person.” 

Stay tuned for a full showcase of Whole Village’s recent environmental stewardship initiatives.  In the meantime, learn more about the cooperative or sign up for one of their educational or volunteer events at their website

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