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Birds-eye-view of bridge over river

There’s So Much to Explore

Have you explored Belfountain Conservation Area yet? The park re-opened in June after undergoing critical restoration work throughout 2021. In 2017, the Minister of Environment approved our Environmental Assessment to restore a portion of the West Credit River. This work was part of phase one of the Belfountain Conservation Area Management Plan.

The restoration work included adding beautiful new features that highlights the park’s history.

Take it all in

Person sitting on bench in front of the Credit River
The new water channel is now home to native fish species including: white sucker, Atlantic salmon, blacknose and longnose dace, bluntnose minnow and brook trout.

There are new benches while you take in all the beautiful scenery. This bench is on the west side of the river channel.

Friendly Fox Folly

Outdoor fox sculpture
The Fox Folly can be accessed on the west side of the river along the boardwalk.

The Fox Folly sculpture was installed along the new boardwalk trail. Brook McIlroy designed this sculpture in collaboration with the fabricator, LaFontaine Iron Werks.

The ‘Belle” of the ball

Mother and child posing in front of the belle fountain
Mom and son exploring Belfountain Conservation Area.

It wouldn’t be a trip to Belfountain Conservation Area without a visit to the iconic ‘belle’ fountain. The fountain is an original cultural heritage feature of the property that dates back to when it was Mack’s Park. We restored it during the park closure. Restoration work was completed by contractors Clifford Restoration and Fountain Place.

Picture perfect bridge

Family standing along suspension bridge.
The park is perfect for the whole family to explore.

The suspension bridge was originally built in 1908 and is the perfect opportunity to get a 360 degree view of the conservation area. Not to mention pictures of the gorgeous waterfall below.

Black and white photo of a bridge.
Throwback photo of the suspension bridge from the 1960s.

A nod to the past

CVC’s Conservation Interpreter staff.

The letter sculpture of “luckenuf” was the name of Mack’s cottage that used to stand where the terrace is now. The word is stamped into pillars around the park. The word became Mack’s motto that they were “lucky enough” or “luckenuf” to acquire the land and create this beautiful park. It’s the perfect reminder of how lucky we are to explore nature.

Belfountain Conservation Area has a new mandatory reservation system. You can book your reservation online. The park is closed in winter so be sure to check out this beautiful park soon.

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Comments (6)

  1. Very dangerous to walk because of unmarked changes in boardwalk elevation. Very bad trippping hazard. Also the metal traction strips are like cheese graters on K9 feet. Certainly not worth the money and you only have a 2 hour time frame to be there

    1. Credit Valley Conservation

      Hi Dave, we mark changes in elevation along the boardwalk on the Riverside Trail at Belfountain Conservation Area with yellow caution paint to indicate a step. Some sections of trail are not suitable for pets. The aluminum grip treads along the boardwalk and the open-grate stair treads provide traction and reduce slipping hazards when trails become wet. Information about dog-friendly trails is available on our website.

      We also want to remind visitors to Belfountain, you have the option to visit Terra Cotta Conservation Area or Island lake Conservation Area after your visit. Same day admission to these parks is included in the price of your reservation. Show your receipt when you arrive at Terra Cotta or Island Lake to receive free entry.

  2. I’m excited to finally see what was done but I must say I’m not happy that it’s closed in winter, it used to be my favorite place for walks, even in winter. At least it should be open even without booking.

    1. Credit Valley Conservation

      We look forward to seeing you at the park! Belfountain is a seasonal conservation area, open from the end of April to the end of October. We close the park in winter because trails within the park are not maintained and present a safety hazard for trail users and our water system, used for the fountain and washrooms, does not support four season use.

  3. Wow I wanted to visit last year and was disappointed when we realized it was closed. Do you have to book online like we had to last year for other parks?

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