Greening Corporate Grounds

A group tree planting for Greening Corporate Grounds

Join Credit Valley Conservation in this exciting program that helps corporations, businesses and institutions take environmentally positive steps, while enhancing their landscape.

Many businesses and institutions have the opportunity to create habitat and provide other environmental benefits while improving aesthetics on their grounds. Reduce costs and bring renewed life to your property through Greening Corporate Grounds.

An Innovative Program

This initiative developed by Credit Valley Conservation and Evergreen helps corporations, businesses, institutions and places of worship green their corporate and institutional lands. The program is offered in CVC’s watershed.

Evergreen and Credit Valley Conservation are here to help!

Our ecological experts will work with participants on your grounds. Plus, we’ll provide related educational resources such as workshops, seminars and fact sheets.

Support includes:

  • Site concept plan
  • Technical advice to your landscape consultants or in-house personnel
  • Maintenance guidelines
  • Assistance with planting and maintenance events
  • Workshops, presentations and educational resources
  • Program recognition: sign, web listings and eligibility for awards
  • We can also recommend resources for sustainable practices in everyday operations in your organization.

We can also recommend resources for sustainable practices in everyday operations in your organization.

The Benefits of Greening

Benefits to Your Business or Corporation

  • Visibly demonstrate commitment to Corporate Environmental and Social Responsibility
  • Be a leader in corporate environmental practices in the outdoor environment
  • Complement your existing corporate environmental initiatives

Benefits to Managers

  • Save on long-term landscape maintenance and water bills by investing in green practices
  • Participate in opportunities for education and networking on outdoor greening initiatives
  • Comply with, even surpass, government regulations
  • Contribute to your team building initiatives, and maintain good employee and community relations

Benefits to Staff

  • Enhance your workplace environment
  • Join an exciting movement at your workplace
  • Contribute to the health of the wider community

Levels and Projects

The Greening Corporate Grounds (GCG) Program will help your business or organization adopt environmental landscaping practices and enhance the natural health and beauty of your grounds over time.


Participants must demonstrate a commitment to improving the natural health of their grounds by adopting environmental landscaping practices over time.

Program participants will contribute

  • Staff and management support to work with program personnel
  • Program fees
  • Purchase of plants and materials
  • Implementation and maintenance
  • If interested, host staff or community volunteer events
  • This new program will evolve with input and feedback from initial participants.

This new program will evolve with input and feedback from initial participants.

Who do I contact?

To participate in this program or for more information, please contact:

Deborah Kenley
Sr. Coordinator, Greening Corporate Grounds
Credit Valley Conservation
phone: (905) 670-1615  ext. 439


Program originally Developed in Partnership with Evergreen which was funded by the Trillium Foundation Endorsed by:  Other Project Partners:


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