Sheridan College and the Community Tree Project

Volunteers planting trees.

On-campus Commitment to Climate Change Resilience

Sheridan College is committed to sustainability both in theory and in practice. They see their campuses as “living laboratories” where they can explore and apply different sustainability models and unearth new opportunities for teaching and learning. They’re not afraid to take the lead and walk the talk. Sheridan was the first Ontario post-secondary institution to sign the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals Accord and has been included in the Princeton Review’s list of the Top Green Colleges in North America between 2019-2021.

To better understand what changes to their landscape could best support their mission, Sheridan worked with Credit Valley Conservation’s Greening Corporate Grounds (GCG) program to develop a sustainable landscaping action plan for their Davis Campus in Brampton.

Sheridan’s Davis Campus is located within the Community Tree Project neighbourhood. The project, which is funded in part by the Government of Canada, was launched in 2021. It works at the neighbourhood level to build resilience to climate change and reduce heat island effect by planting trees in the community and on public and private property.

Given the size and nature of the property, our sustainable landscaping team determined a large-scale native tree and shrub planting would deliver the greatest social and environmental benefits. “A large native planting expands the natural areas of the campus to create healthier habitat for local wildlife,” says Greening Corporate Grounds Senior Coordinator Deborah Kenley. “It also provides cool and calming spaces for students and the broader community to enjoy and connect with nature.”

On a cool day in October, volunteers from Sheridan’s Office for Sustainability planted 129 native trees and shrubs like red oak, American basswood, serviceberry and smooth rose. An additional 350 plants were installed by ecological contractors for a total of 479 planted on the property. Sheridan’s commitment, hard work and dedication will continue to give back to the community for years to come.

Potted trees positioned for planting.
Native trees are laid out for volunteers to plant

Feeling inspired? Contact a sustainable landscaping coordinator to learn about opportunities on your property learn more about the program at

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