Any high school student can become a Frontline member! During the school year Frontline members participate in workshops, job shadowing experiences, and stewardship activities. “Frontliners” act as a liaison between CVC and their school or community groups. We meet approximately once a month. Not all meetings are mandatory, but some require attendance if you want to earn an Eco-Ambassador certificate (see below for details). The more sessions you attend, the more volunteer hours you earn! We try to schedule meetings based on the availability of the majority of students and schedule important meetings twice in different locations so there are options to join in!

The Frontline program is based around environmental leadership, stewardship, and sharing important CVC and environmental concepts. Each year we focus on a different environmental theme to build high school student environmental leadership skills. Past themes include water quality, migratory birds and their habitats, lost rivers, and stream restoration!

Roles and responsibilities:

Frontline members are asked to dedicate approximately 3-4 hours per month to the following tasks:

  • Act as an environmental leader within your school and wider community
  • Commit to attending workshops and experiences over the course of the school year
  • Take on a leadership role within the summer Conservation Youth Corps (CYC) program
  • Act as a liaison between CVC and your school
  • Spread information about other CVC volunteer events and projects

Benefits of participation:

  • Build your resume and gain skills and experience in public speaking, leadership and environmental projects
  • Network with other environmentally-minded students from across the Credit River watershed
  • Participate in skill-building workshops and job shadowing sessions with CVC staff
  • Connect with environmental professionals and gain access to their expertise
  • Gain access to resources which will assist you in planning ecological restoration projects in your community and your school
  • Youth-based stewardship opportunities
  • Earn more volunteer hours
  • Earn an Eco-Ambassador Award by participating in the Frontline program and other community stewardship and environmental events

How to Apply:

Want to join Frontline? It’s easy. Just click on the link below and fill out our registration form!

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