Description of Frontline Program:

Any high school student can become a Frontline member! During the school year Frontline members participate in workshops, job shadowing experiences, and stewardship activities. Frontliners act as a liaison between CVC and their school or community groups. We meet approximately once a month, usually on Saturdays. The more sessions you attend, the more volunteer hours you earn!

The Frontline program is based around environmental leadership, stewardship, and sharing important CVC and environmental concepts. Each year, we focus on a different environmental theme to build environmental leadership skills. Past themes include water quality, migratory birds and their habitats, lost rivers, and stream restoration.

Roles and responsibilities:

Frontline members are asked to dedicate approximately 3-4 hours per month to the following tasks:

  • Act as an environmental leader within your school and wider community
  • Commit to attending workshops and experiences over the course of the school year
  • Take on a leadership role within the summer Conservation Youth Corps (CYC) program
  • Act as a liaison between CVC and your school

Benefits of participation:

  • Earn volunteer hours
  • Earn an Eco-Ambassador Award
  • Build your resume by gaining skills and experience in public speaking, leadership and local environmental issues
  • Network with students from across the Credit River watershed
  • Connect with environmental professionals
  • Youth-based stewardship opportunities


  • We offer events approximately once per month from September to May
  • Events are either held at 1255 Old Derry Rd., or an alternate location. 
  • Participants are responsible to get themselves either to CVC Head Office (1255 Old Derry Rd.), or to the event location
  • For events held off-site, CVC will offer a limited number of rides for participants to and from 1255 Old Derry Rd.
  • Participants are eligible for volunteer hours reflecting the hours contributed to events and outreach completed
  • Participants are also eligible to earn an EcoAmbassador award 

How to Apply:

Want to join Frontline? It’s easy. Just click on the link below and fill out our registration form!

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