Credit Valley Conservation offers 3 programs for youth in the Credit River watershed. These programs aim to engage youth in real life, hands-on environmental stewardship learning and volunteer opportunities while making a difference in their community:

There are 3 components to the CYC program:

  • The CYC Summer Program provides an opportunity for students to earn up to 35 volunteer hours in the summer time while assisting with a variety of environmental restoration and stewardship projects.
  • The Branch Out! program enhances the secondary science and geography curriculum and raises awareness about local climate change issues. Students are inspired to discover and restore nature in their community by participating in tree planting and other stewardship projects.
  • Frontline is a leadership program for high school students where they can stay involved in environmental activities, such as peer to peer training, workshops, and job-shadowing events throughout the school year. Frontline empowers youth who are passionate about the environment to make a difference in their schools and communities.

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