Ice Fishing: A Social Sport

Four people sitting in an ice fishing hut, two people holding fishing rods, all looking towards the hole cut into the ice.

This winter has been especially gloomy with only 30 hours of sun, but don’t let the grey skies keep you from enjoying time outdoors. Winter is a great season to connect with family and friends and enjoy all the unique activities that come along with the cold weather. Ice fishing, a popular winter activity, is a social sport that can help boost your mood and overall well-being.

Ice Fishing at Island Lake

Island Lake Conservation Area is a great place to meet up with old friends and meet new ones, when you drop a line in the icy water. A hike out to the perfect fishing spot can get your feet moving, your blood pumping and spark your competitive spirit.

People walking on a frozen lake toward ice huts pulling a sled with supplies.
Visitors head out to the perfect place to fish on the frozen Island Lake.

Tips for Experienced Angler

If you’re an experienced angler, you know what to do and you likely have the equipment you need to have a great experience at the lake. Stop by the Rental Shop and ask the staff if they have any tips for the best spots on the lake to try for the big catch!

A person holding a fish standing on a frozen lake.
David Riseborough, Assistant Superintendent at Island Lake, holding a Northern pike.

Tips for Beginners

If you’re a beginner, all you need is a sense of adventure to enjoy this fun winter activity. We have everything you need to get you started at Island Lake Conservation Area. Stop by our Rental Shop and we can hook you up with ice fishing rods, minnows and even ice hut rentals at reasonable rates.

Here are a few tips as you plan your ice fishing excursion:

  • Dress in layers to help you stay warm all day long. Pack extra gloves, a toque and heavy socks.
  • Bring a thermos with a hot drink and easy snacks such as granola bars, protein bars or jerky to keep you going during your adventure.
  • Please don’t dump any remaining live bait down the ice holes. Return it or pay it forward to a fellow angler.
  • Be respectful of nature by keeping your fishing holes clean. Dispose of your garbage properly so that everyone can enjoy a clean environment.
  • Just have fun.
People sitting in a hut ice fishing.
Enjoy ice fishing in one of our heated huts.

Embrace Your Competitive Spirit at our Ice Fishing Derby

Credit Valley Conservation is hosting the 14th annual Ice Fishing Derby, in partnership with the Friends of Island Lake, from February 10 to 19. This event is open to everyone and participants can complete for up to $2,500 in cash prizes in our adult category.

A person holding a big fish standing in front of a hut on a frozen lake.
A visitor at Island Lake showing his recent catch

What you Need to Know About Fishing Licences

If you plan on heading out to Island Lake for ice fishing, please remember a valid Ontario Fishing Licence is required to take part. If you’re new to ice fishing and want to try it with your family,  take advantage of Ontario Family Fishing Weekend February 17 to 19 as this is a licence-free fishing weekend.

Learn more about our annual Ice Fishing Derby.

Complete our Short Survey about Ice Fishing at Island Lake

We are developing a fisheries management plan for Island Lake Conservation Area and we are seeking input from the public! Your responses will help guide the development of the management plan. Fill out the short survey.

By Jamie Williams, Specialist, Marketing and Communication

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