Workshops for Landowners Looking to Make a Difference

Calling all homeowners, corporate and institutional property owners and agricultural landowners. We have workshops to help you enhance your property and build resilience to climate change.

Almost 85 per cent of the Credit River Watershed is privately owned. That means landowners can improve the health of the environment by taking small actions on their properties. Combined, individual efforts can have big results. For example, planting native trees attracts a variety of insects. Insects are food for migrating and breeding birds. A single mature oak tree can host the larvae of over 500 species of moth and butterfly—what a feast!

Don’t know how or where to start? We offer workshops and expert advice. We help you discover opportunities to improve your property and get conservation projects off the ground.

Staff help a local resident plant a tree

Urban homeowners – discover how to add native trees and plants to your garden to increase curb appeal and attract birds and butterflies.

Rural residents – learn how to protect the health of your woodlots, streams, wells and septic beds.

Business owners – find sustainable landscaping and green infrastructure solutions for your corporate properties.

Farmers and agricultural landowners – get technical assistance and funding for best management projects to improve your soil and water.

Find the workshop that’s right for you. Visit or contact us at [email protected].

We continue to monitor the developing situation regarding COVID-19 and the information provided by public health officials. At this time programming is going ahead as planned. For more information and updates please regularly visit our website and social media platforms.

By CVC’s Calantha Elsby, Specialist, Environmental Outreach

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