Celebrating the Community Tree Project

We’re committed to working with you to make communities in the Credit River Watershed cleaner, greener and ready for climate change. This is why we launched the Community Tree Project in April. The Community Tree Project is a tree planting and climate change awareness-building initiative currently available to select neighbourhoods in Brampton.

Our goals are to increase community awareness and knowledge about climate change and reduce the risks of extreme heat by planting trees in public parks, private homes and institutions. The shade from the planted trees will help cool our communities and reduce the effects of extreme heat.

So far, the response has been great.  We’ve held the following:

  • Community tree planting events
  • Virtual presentations at schools, places of worship and LINC (Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada) centres
  • Workshops and neighbourhood walks for residents
  • Free trees and shrubs for homeowners
  • Youth stewardship activities
  • Outreach and greening projects at places of worship, institutional and multi-residential properties
Group of residents at a tree planting event
Residents plant trees at a Community Tree Project event in Fred Kline Park

We’re excited to announce that we’re already on track to exceed our goals. To date, we’ve planted over 2,700 trees and shrubs in public parks, private homes and institutions thanks to enthusiastic neighbourhood residents. An additional 200 trees are ready to be planted this weekend at the Community Tree Project Celebration Planting event on Saturday at Chris Gibson Park.

Each year, these trees and shrubs will capture over 1.6 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. That’s like not using 680 litres of gas. Trees also clean the air we breathe and support our mental and physical health.

Discover more about the amazing benefits of trees by watching our Community Tree Project video series. Find videos on how to plant and care for trees, our top native plants and how trees can cool your neighbourhood.

We also have many tree planting programs and tips on ways to green your property.

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By: CVC’s Nicole Di Cintio, Associate, Marketing and Communications

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