Tree Planting

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Please note our tree planting programs are available to landowners in the Credit River watershed. Is your property in the Credit River Watershed? You can look up your address here.

Tree Planting Services


Your Trees and Forests

Why Plant Trees?

Participation in one of CVC’s tree planting programs can help to restore and improve your…

Planting a Forest for the Future

Tree Seedling Program

If you have open land on your property and are interested in converting it to forest with bare…

CVC staff planting trees

Potted Plants Program

If you are a private landowner in the Credit Valley and would like to enhance the natural…

tree planting with hands USFS Region 5 flickr

DIY Tree Planting

If you choose to purchase potted naturalization material directly from us and plant your own…

Potted trees

Direct Sale

CVC’s Naturalization Stock Direct Sale Program provides native planting stock to landowners in…

Landowner Assistance

Why Choose CVC?

CVC offers a variety of services and materials to eligible landowners.

Wooded Forest

Forestry Programs – Terms and Conditions

Plant materials provided through the program are not intended for landscaping, and are not to be…