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Periwinkle flower

Nature Invaders Scavenger Hunt

When left unmanaged, invasive species can take over your yard, garden, field or forest. They reduce biodiversity, decrease food source availability and habitat for local birds, pollinators and other wildlife, and affect the enjoyment of our gardens, properties and natural recreation areas, like beaches and trails. They spread quickly, kill native plants, and don’t adhere to property lines. Knowing what to look for and what to do when you find them will help you avoid time consuming and costly removal.

Patch of goutweed
Goutweed is an invasive plant commonly found in gardens.

Throughout the month of July, you can join CVC in a fun, interactive citizen science event to help you identify, control and remove invasive species on your property. The Nature Invaders Scavenger Hunt invites landowners to get out in their yard to hunt for invasive species using the iNaturalist plant identification app. No previous knowledge of invasive species is required. All you need is a smartphone or mobile device; we’ll provide the helpful resources and expert advice to get you started. You might even be surprised to find that some of the plants growing in your garden are actually invasive!

Grow your knowledge

To help you improve your identification skills and protect your property, you can also join CVC’s stewardship and invasive species experts for two free webinars:

1. Invasive Plants: Stop Them Early to Control Them Quickly

Tuesday, June 28, 7-8 p.m. – Webinar

Learn how to identify the most common invasive plants in the watershed, how they spread and techniques for controlling and removing them. Sign up now.

2. Top Invasive Insects in the Credit River Watershed

Thursday, July 14, 7-8 p.m. – Webinar

Learn about invasive insects, such as spongy (LDD) moth and woolly adelgid. Find out what impact they have and what we can do to stop them. Sign up now.

Registered participants will also have a chance to enter a draw for one of three native pollinator plant prize packs! See the contest rules.

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