Trail Work at Rattray Marsh Conservation Area

We’re undertaking three significant trail upgrades at Rattray Marsh Conservation Area this year. Construction is scheduled July to Spring 2022 and will be completed in phases to minimize disruption to trail users.

Project Overview

We’re rebuilding three boardwalks at Rattray Marsh Conservation Area. It involves the reconstruction and extension of boardwalks where the existing structures have reached the end of their usable life. This work is necessary to provide safe and accessible trails to our visitors.

Construction work will be completed in three phases to minimize disruption to trail users. The three projects are taking place on:

  • The Knoll Trail
  • Silver Maple Lane at the Upper Sheridan Creek Bridge
  • The Waterfront Trail East of Bexhill Road

The Knoll Trail is a short loop side trail off the main Waterfront Trail. It features a dramatic lookout across the marsh. The lookout was recently reconstructed however, the boardwalk needs to be renovated to ensure it meets CVC’s accessibility standards. The boardwalk and foundation are being replaced using a helical pile system to minimize disturbance to the earth. We’re raising the boardwalk deck make the height consistent, eliminating the need for steps along the length of the trail. We’re also widening the trail and adding a secondary lookout to the marsh with new seating and rest areas.

Construction started in July and will continue through December 2021, with additional bank restoration planned for Spring 2022. Access to the lookout remains open. To maintain access to the existing lookout, the eastern side of the trail will be completed first, followed by the western section of the trail. CVC is removing two hazard trees along the trail corridor to accommodate the new trail construction and will replace the trees at a 1:15 ratio within the conservation area.

Construction update: The Knoll Trail construction work has now been complete. Additional bank restoration work to be completed in the summer, however this will not impact the public access the trail.

Silver Maple Lane forms a longer side loop off the Waterfront Trail. The western section of the trail near the Upper Sheridan Creek Bridge has a narrow and aging boardwalk. Sections of natural surface along this part of the trail are impacted by poor drainage and occasional flooding.

Trail rehabilitation work along this section of trail involves replacing and widening the narrow area, replacing the deck boards of the Upper Sheridan Creek Bridge, and extending the boardwalk to the Meadow Wood Side Trail in areas with poor drainage.

The construction work on the Silver Maple Lane boardwalk and Upper Sheridan Creek bridge has been completed, and the trail is now open to the public.

The Waterfront Trail, east of the Bexhill Road allowance is the last remaining section of boardwalk along the main Waterfront Trail route that has not been updated. This section of trail is near the end of its usable life and has an uneven deck surface. The entire section of boardwalk is being replaced using a helical pile foundation system. We’re routing it to the south of the current location to avoid conflict with an existing pipeline easement in this area.

CVC is removing several hazard ash trees along the trail corridor to accommodate the new trail construction and will replace the trees at a 1:10 ratio within the conservation area.

Construction work is scheduled from March to June 2022. Access to the existing Waterfront Trail will remain open throughout most of the construction but some short-term closures may be required.

Additional Work with the Region of Peel

Starting in the fall 2021, the Region of Peel will be constructing a new pump station at the Silver Birch entrance. This will result in no entry at Silver Birch Trail and Marshwood Place for the Silver Maple Lane. We’re coordinating with the Region of Peel to minimize trail disruptions during the construction period. We’re creating a by-pass trail around the staging compound. We will provide an update when this trail is reopened.

Update: The Silver Birch Trail will temporarily re-open to the public at the end of January while work on the sanitary sewer and pumping station is on hold.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect during the construction period?

Construction work is scheduled Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. You may see additional truck and equipment access at the Bexhill and Silver Birch access points, as well as construction staging compounds near these areas.

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