Witness the Birth of a New Landscape Through Photography

Morphology is an evolving photography exhibit, documenting the construction of the 26-hectare Jim Tovey Lakeview Conservation Area on the Lake Ontario shoreline. Seen through the eyes of creative photo artists, we can explore our relationship and connection with water, landscapes, and our shared responsibility to the Great Lakes.

Morphology was the vision of the late Councillor Jim Tovey, who was a tireless advocate for the environment. He led the redevelopment of the Lakeview shoreline and wanted the public to appreciate nature, environmental science and the Lake Ontario shoreline through art.

Morphology March 2019

Morphology 2019 took place at the Small Arms Building in Mississauga. The three-day event brought in 800 plus attendees.

Community Partners

Morphology – The Exhibit

Photo Gallery

Morphology 2019 was generously sponsored by:

Greatness, The Great Lakes Project
Lakeview Community Partners Ltd.
Metal Works Production Group
Region of Peel. Working with you.
Swim Drink Fish
Toronto and Region Conservation Authority
Credit Valley Conservation, inspired by nature.

Morphology January 2018

The debut exhibit was held in partnership with ‘Greatness: The Great Lakes Project”. Morphology challenged eleven photographers to celebrate the birth of a constructed coastal wetland and connect people with Lake Ontario. The artists gave new life to habitat structures built four metres below the level of Lake Ontario, before they were submerged and hidden from view.

Morphology 2018 was generously sponsored by:

Credit Valley Conservation, inspired by nature.
City of Mississauga.
Region of Peel. Working with you.


Learn more about the artists and the Morphology exhibits.

Portrait of Annette Seip holding a camera.

Annette Seip

Annette graduated with a Masters of Science, worked in science and then picked up a digital camera. Going back to school at Sheridan College, Annette began her new journey of photography and illustration. Her work has been widely exhibited in both group and solo shows, and has been published in the Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail and other Toronto publications.

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Portrait of Bob Warren holding a camera.

Bob Warren

Bob is interested in the dynamic range of light and dark in his subject matter. By using the techniques of High Dynamic Range photography, he is able to explore the range of light, shadow, colour and texture in a scene which may not be obvious to the naked eye.

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Darren Clark posing with a drone in his hand.

Darren Clarke

Darren Clarke is President and Chief RPAS Pilot at Mile High Aerial Imagery with Advanced Drone Pilot Certification and Accredited Flight Reviewer with Transport Canada.

With over 6 years of RPAS Flight Experience – Mile High have Conducted Flight Missions across Canada, U.S including Missions in South America (Colombia).

In addition to being an accomplished RPAS Operator – Mile High Aerial Imagery also Consult and Train in Aviation including Aerial Data Collection for Major Construction, Engineering, Military and Government Agencies.


Portrait of Gabriella Bank using her camera outside.

Gabriella Bank

Gabriella Bank is an independent video producer, photographer.

Born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. Lived and worked in Norway, Switzerland, and the United States.

Since 1982 lives in Mississauga. Her corporate and charity work is enriched by her love for the life and the people of Mississauga. Her videos have documented all aspects of life in the community including a unique variety of historical, cultural, and musical events. Her work has accumulated a wealth of Mississauga’s history.

Served on the volunteer boards of the Mississauga Waterfront Festival and the Mississauga Art Gallery.

In 2007 she received the Mississauga Arts Award (MARTY) in the established media category.

In 2018 Gabriella was recognized by the Federal Government’s Community Leadership Award for demonstrating exceptional leadership and service to the community.

Heather Doyle

There is a wild world inside our city and beyond, with small creatures and grand landscapes willing to tell their stories. Through quiet observation, and an eye for colours, patterns and textures, Heather Doyle aims to tell those stories. A former international journalist and editor, Heather is now using her camera to see the world from a new perspective and hopes to bring others along on this journey. Her work, printed on wood, was recently featured in an exhibit in Los Angeles, California.

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Julie Knox self portrait, a shadow on the ground.

Julie Knox

Julie Knox is originally from the Ottawa Valley but currently lives in Port Credit, Ontario, which she has called home for the last 18 years. Julie’s interests in photography lie within the realms of photojournalism and fine art.

Portrait of Lachlan McVie with a camera flash in hand.

Lachlan McVie

Lachlan is an accomplished amateur photographer who first began taking pictures in 2006. An expert in off-camera lighting, he makes extensive use of speedlights, flashlights and custom light shaping tools to create his unique images. While experienced in various types of photography, he’s made a name for himself as an adventure photographer and urban explorer. Unafraid of taking risks and constantly pushing the limits, Lachlan has been places where few dare to venture. Whether it’s scaling construction cranes 60 stories above the street, traversing urban sewer networks or rappelling into hydroelectric tunnels behind Niagara Falls, he strives to capture images from truly uncommon perspectives.


Portrait of Marcelo Leonardo Pazan holding a paint brush to a camera lens.

Marcelo Leonardo Pazán

Marcelo Leonardo Pazán is both a traditional and modern artist. Originally from Cuenca, Ecuador,

Pazán now lives in Mississauga. He attended the Faculty of Architectural Sciences at the University of Toronto for one year and then attained a Certificate in Computer Graphics from

Toronto’s Academy of Merchandising and Design. Over the past thirty years, Pazán has created a variety of traditional and computer graphic art pieces which have displayed his multifaceted interests in painting and design, photography, short film production, custom picture framing, giclée print production, and web design. Pazán has been exhibiting his works of art since 1992 and now has a permanent online exhibit on his art gallery’s website: www.PazánGallery.com. For 17 years, Pazán worked as a graphic artist for the Toronto Star. He now works as a full-time professional visual artist, photographer, and fine art gallery owner, at Pazán Gallery located in Port Credit, Mississauga.

Portrait of Martin Pinker holding up a camera.

Martin Pinker

Retired photographer with a career background in major advertising agencies in the UK and Canada. A prolific creator of global and local photography, from candid street images to creative landscapes. A daily image posted on Facebook for over a decade. Past President of Mississauga Camera Club.

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Portrait of Nina Munteanu outdoors .

Nina Munteanu

Nina is a Canadian ecologist / limnologist and internationally published author of award-nominated speculative novels, short stories and non-fiction. She is co-editor of Europa SF and currently teaches writing courses at George Brown College and the University of Toronto. Her latest book is “Water Is…”, a scientific study and personal journey as limnologist, mother, teacher and environmentalist. “Water Is…” was recently picked by Margaret Atwood in the NY Times as 2016 ‘The Year in Reading’.

Visit Nina Munteanu website

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A playful portrait of Pamela Bell tossing her camera in the air.

Pamela Bell

My educational background and passion has been and continues to be in the fine arts. As an artist who rarely has a shortage of creative ideas the question that I struggle with the most in subject matter is…. how important is it? The wetlands project has the integrity and ecological conscience that nurtures our diligent plans for the planet’s survival. ‘Morphology’ explores a photographic moment that otherwise may not have been captured. I am honoured to be involved.

Portrait of Sandor Bank using a camera.

Sandor Bank

Sandor and his wife Gabriella have been in the media business for over 18 years. Their company Sanborg Productions specializes in photography, videography, documentaries, and radio/television commercials. Sandor’s career includes designing computer systems, VR software as well as involvement in the music business. While having lived all over the world, they now call Canada home.

Portrait of Stephen Uhraney looking down.

Stephen Uhraney

Elliott Erwitt said “making photos has little to do with what you see, and everything to do with the way you see them.” That speaks to me. Anyone can see an image, but it’s personal interpretation that makes a photograph.

I work professionally as a documentary, editorial and corporate photographer. I have worked with The Toronto Sun, Rogers Publishing, Annex-Newcom Business Media, the University of Toronto, the City of Mississauga, Torstar/Metroland Media and many corporate clients.

I have 40 years of experience, all self employed. I am based in the Greater Toronto Area, and I am available for freelance or contract work.


I am particularly proud to be working with the Credit Valley Conservation and the Region of Peel on Morphology, a photography exhibit showcasing a constructed coastal wetland.

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