Temporary Trail Closure at Monora Park

September 30, 2022 – Pedestrian traffic at Monora Park will be temporarily redirected while Credit Valley Conservation obtains soil samples that will help inform the design of a new stream crossing. This work is a part of the Monora Dam Mitigation Project.

The Monora Pond Red Trail Head at Station 1 will close starting Monday, October 3. Park visitors can use the Green Trail Head at Station 16 to access the park. Once work is complete, the Red Trail will re-open and the Green Trail Head at Station 16 will close. Park visitors can use the Red Trail Head at Station 1 to access the park while the Green Trail Head is closed. All work is expected to be completed Thursday, October 6.

Signs will be posted in Monora Park during the trail closure to help redirect park visitors.

“Testing the stability of the soil is the next important step in the Monora Dam Mitigation Project,” said Paul Biscaia, Senior Coordinator Wetland Restoration. “The trails will be temporarily closed while we collect data to help inform the detailed design.”

Monora Park is a 17-hectare natural park owned by CVC and managed by the Town of Mono. Within Monora Park, Monora Creek was dammed in 1965 to create a pond suitable for recreation including swimming and fishing. Over time, the pond has filled with silt and it no longer provides a place for swimming and fishing, although it remains a local landmark. The age and deteriorating condition of the dam requires action to mitigate the risk of dam failure. The dam will be removed to address liability, safety and environmental concerns.

CVC evaluated dam repair and removal options, taking into consideration the goals of improving the natural environment of Monora Creek as well as safety, social, recreational and economic values.

CVC had an open house in June 2022 to introduce Mono residents and park users to the project while gathering feedback and ideas to help shape the future of a restored Monora Creek. CVC is developing the detailed design in consultation with provincial agencies, the public and stakeholders. The completed detailed design will be shared with the public in winter 2023.

Construction is scheduled for summer 2023, but the park will remain open during this period and continue to be an important greenspace for residents.

For more information about the trail closure and the Monora Dam Mitigation Project, visit cvc.ca/monora.

Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) is a local conservation authority established by the Ontario government in 1954 to protect, restore and enhance the natural environment of the Credit River Watershed. Our watershed is defined by the area of land where all rainfall, snowmelt and runoff drain into lands and waters flowing into the Credit River. CVC creates connections between people and nature, knowledge and action. We inspire a deep appreciation for the role of nature in keeping people connected, healthy and happy. CVC is a member of Conservation Ontario.


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