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June 13, 2022 – Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) is launching a new citizen science project for landowners across the Credit River Watershed. From June 24 to July 31 landowners are encouraged to look for invasive plants in their yards, gardens, forests and fields and submit photos through iNaturalist, an easy-to-use app that identifies plants and animals from photographs taken with a phone or tablet.

The goal of the program is to raise awareness of invasive species, help landowners identify common invasive plants on their property and provide landowners with resources to control and remove invasive plants.

“Invasive plants can seriously impact the enjoyment of your property and removing them is one of the most positive ways you can help wildlife,” said Alison Qua-Enoo, Senior Coordinator, Rural Outreach at CVC. “Identifying invasive plants early is the best way to stop them from taking over your property and spreading into natural spaces. Large infestations can be time consuming and costly to remove.”

To support participants, CVC is offering two free webinars that will help landowners better identify invasive plants and understand the impact invasive insects are having across the watershed.

“Some garden nurseries still sell invasive plants, like periwinkle and burning bush,” said Melanie Kramer, Senior Coordinator, Sustainable Home Landscapes at CVC. “There are many beautiful and easy to care for native plant alternatives to common invasive species found in our yards. We want to help homeowners make the right choice for their yards and gardens.”

Learn more and register at Landowners in the Credit River Watershed who register and participate in one of the webinars or the Scavenger Hunt will also have the opportunity to enter into a draw for a free Native Plant Prize Pack. For full contest details, visit


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