Island Lake Rentals: Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing Hut Rental Fees

photo of Ice Fishing Huts on Island Lake

All visitors must pay regular area admission fees.

Live Bait Policy
Effective April 18, 2014

Hole Augering Service*

  • 1 hole for $1.77
  • 3 holes for $4.42


  • $6.19/dozen
  • $8.85/dozen with a bucket

Ice Fishing Rod Rental*

  • $10 per day
  • $20 deposit required, refunded upon return


  • $10 /hour
  • $25 /day
  • ($100 deposit per sled applies)
  • Model Height of user (feet)
    Medium Kicksled (T4) 4.3-5.1
    Large Kicksled (T6) 5.1-6.0

    Quantity: 2 large and 2 medium

Heated Ice Hut Rentals** 

11 –  4-man huts and 1 wheelchair accessible hut is available for rent. They are approximately a 5 minute walk from shore and include the following:

  • pre-drilled holes
  • propane heaters
  • 1 dozen minnows (per hut)
  • 1 extra hole outside per person
  • 2 windows per hut
  • benches
  • coat hooks
  • non-smoking available

Full Day rental

  • $36 per adult (over 14)*
  • 8:00 am to 5:30 pm daily

Half Day rental

  • $26 per adult (over 14)*
  • Monday to Friday, any 4.5 hours from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm
  • Weekends and holidays, morning 8:00 am to 12:30 pm, afternoon 1:00 pm to 5:30 pm

* prices do not include HST

** minimum 2 adults per 4-man hut on weekends and holidays, children 14 and under are not required to pay a hut rental fee as long as minimum hut occupancies are met.

Pop-up Hut Rental

  • Pop-up hut for 2 people – $30/day
  • Pop-up hut for 3 people – $40/day
  • Pop-up hut for 4/5 people – $50/day
    • Holes will be pre-drilled based on how many people fit. Extra holes available for an additional cost.  Minnows available at an additional charge.
    • Bring their own chairs and heaters
    • $200 deposit on all huts


Reservations are recommended for weekends and holidays. A $2 non-refundable reservation fee (per person) and credit card number are required.  Please call 1-800-367-0890 between 8:00am and 6:00pm or book online here.


Phone cancellations can be taken at 1-800-367-0890 up to reservation time and receive a full refund minus the reservation fee ($1.77 plus HST per person). No refunds will be permitted for “no shows” or cancellation during or after reservation time.”


Please note:

Snowmobiles ATV’s and other motorized vehicles are not permitted on the ice or in the Conservation Area.

Fishing licenses are required and are not available for purchase on site.

Ontario Fishing Licences can be purchased at Canadian Tire or online at


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