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NOTE: Credit Valley Conservation does not provide rentals for use on the Credit River or outside Island Lake Conservation Area and Ken Whillans Resource Management Area.

Island Lake

Whether you bring your own or want to wet your first paddle, Island Lake Conservation Area is a great place to visit.

Explore the 400 acre lake, seeing a variety of waterfowl including loons, osprey and a variety of ducks in a wetland setting. Weave around the islands and through water lilies as you spot a muskrat building his home or a largemouth bass swirling just under the surface.

Rentals and storage bunks available. Please call for availability 1-800-367-0890.

Ken Whillans

This area offers an experience for those looking for a leisurely paddle. The ponds at Ken Whillans RMA will provide you with a short paddle beneath the awesome view of the Niagara Escarpment’s Devil’s Pulpit area. Bring a fishing rod and take your time on the water as you listen to songbirds and the hum of dragonflies while gliding along calm waters.

Hourly and daily canoe rentals now available.