Proposed Changes in Bill 23

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The Province introduced the More Homes Built Faster Act, released October 25, that proposes changes to the Conservation Authorities Act.

While we understand steps are required to address housing needs in communities across the province, the proposed changes limit the way conservation authorities can work with their municipal partners to plan safe development while maintaining the benefits of nature in our communities.

Many organizations are sharing their concerns of the significant proposed changes to conservation and planning legislation in Bill 23. Review their statements on this legislation and ways to express your concerns.

CVC’s Board of Directors unanimously endorsed CVC’s concerns on the proposed changes in Bill 23 that limits the role of Conservation Authorities. Read CVC’s statement.

We are encouraging our watershed residents to become engaged and share your viewpoints during the commenting period. You can provide your input. Submit your comments by November 24. You can also reach out directly to your Member of Provincial Parliament. Find your MPP online.

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  1. Dear Premier Ford,
    The changes you have proposed to Bill 23 are not required and will jeopardize the integrity of the landscape, without doing much to address the housing issues.
    Density works and is cheaper. No more sprawl !
    I am a taxpayer and voter living in the GTA and am strongly opposed to these changes !

  2. How can you pave over provincially significant wetlands by altering the Conservation Authorities Act under the umbrella of the More Homes Built Faster Bill to become law in a few weeks. It’s misleading. Your electorate won’t object to the build homes faster law unless they read the find print and realize the lack of protections for our Green Belt and the biodiversity it contains; the ensuing degradation of the Environment and its living organisms, including Homo sapiens, is sad, shortsighted.

  3. Dear Premier Ford,
    Bill 23 is going to do permanent harm to the watershed, the irreplaceable farmland feeding Ontario, the recreational areas enjoyed by many city-dwelling Ontario residents (as well as visitors from outside the province), the air we breathe, and to our children and grandchildren’s heritage. At the same time, it will not solve the housing problem, as it will provide mainly expensive single-family houses that will require expensive servicing. Why not use the already serviced lands within our cities, and improve the existing infrastructure there rather than despoiling the Greenbelt forever? Please don’t pass this unnecessary bill.

  4. Building more houses doesn’t change the fact that the problem is affordability, not scarcity. Wasting money destroying this conservation area won’t change a thing, it’s not even a relevant solution. The government continually speaks about climate change and supporting Ontario farmers/ businesses, and now they are doing the exact opposite to protect them. I am extremely against Bill 23 so sad that it would even be an idea.

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