Our Volunteers Achieved Great Things in 2023

Group of people standing together.

Together, we made a difference!

Throughout 2023 our volunteer programs received a tremendous amount of support from community members, partners and friends like you! Thanks to your dedication, we helped support a thriving environment that protects, connects and sustains us.

Our community, corporate and youth programs welcomed approximately 3,650 volunteers who contributed over 14,000 volunteer hours. Together, we planted over 8,400 trees and shrubs and 2,200 wildflowers across the Credit River Watershed. These are accomplishments we can all be proud of!

Program Highlights

Our programs received a helping hand from people across the watershed. Thanks to so much on-the-ground support, we accomplished a lot!

Four people in a green space holding plants.

Nurtured Nature
Our volunteers helped naturalize over 41,900 square metres of land in the watershed. That’s equal to almost 27 hockey rinks!

A group of people standing with filled garbage bags.

Invasive Species Removal
Together, we removed more than 19,000 square metres of invasive species. That’s equal to almost 11 hockey rinks!

People holding buckets and trash pickers.

Litter Cleanups
Thanks to all the participants, we removed 640 pounds of litter from local green spaces. That’s the weight of almost four adult male white-tailed deer!

People looking into the distance, some are using binoculars.

Citizen Science Excels
Through our Butterfly Blitz program, citizen scientists recorded 2,254 observations of 64 butterfly species in the watershed. That’s almost 1,000 more observations than the program logged in 2022!

Spotlight Project for 2023

Two people standing next to a garden holding watering cans.
CVC Staff helping volunteers create pollinator patches at our head office.

We took an innovative approach to support pollinators in the watershed this past year. Our community, corporate and youth programs all had a hand in creating 265 square metres of pollinator habitat across the watershed. Together, our volunteers created pollinator patches, three-by-three foot area of wildflower plantings.

Each patch features five to seven wildflowers to support local pollinators. Wildflowers showcased in these patches include a mix of purple-stemmed aster, common milkweed, wild geranium, foxglove beardtongue, bergamot, black-eyed Susan and common evening primrose. Pollinator gardens support birds, butterflies, bees and other pollinator species.

Get Involved in 2024!

We’re excited about what’s in store for 2024. Learn more about our volunteer opportunities and how you can get involved!

By: Jamie Williams, Specialist Marketing and Communications

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  1. Fantastic 2023! I live in Inglewood and have had alot to do with CVC involvement on my farm in the Credit River Watershed. I am a member of the Design School for Regenerating Earth ( see Joe Brewer ) and there is an opportunity on Feb 7 here at Riverdale Farm to highlight your program. I am thinking maybe a booth area with information, maps and projects, maybe a few of the staff and volunteers? Who would I speak to in person about hthis chance to have you join us?

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