Green Infrastructure is Making an Impact in the Region of Peel

Green Infrastructure is Making an Impact in the Region of Peel

You might have heard of green infrastructure, but what does it mean?

We often think of infrastructure as roads, sewers and power lines. But, we can also build green infrastructure like rain gardens, green roofs and infiltration chambers. Built green infrastructure is designed to copy natural features like forests, wetlands, rivers and streams. Nature itself is also a type of green infrastructure. Healthy forests, rivers and wetlands provide us with clean air, clean water, places to play, and reduce the risk of flooding. Together, both traditional infrastructure and green infrastructure make our society possible.

We are working with the Region of Peel to install green infrastructure across the watershed. Over 50 road retrofit projects are planned throughout Caledon, Brampton and Mississauga in the next 10 years.

Did you know almost 20 retrofit projects have already begun construction or are completed? Watch this video featuring the Mississauga Road retrofit project to learn how we’re protecting Huttonville Creek. Keep an eye out for the feature the next time you drive on Mississauga Road through Brampton.

You can learn more about built green infrastructure and its benefits by visiting Green Infrastructure Ontario and the Sustainable Technologies Evaluation Program websites.

By CVC’s Kyle Menken, Technician, Integrated Water

The Region of Peel completed a bioswale along Mississauga Road north of Queen Street in August 2018.

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  • Jean Wiegard says:

    It’s about time…… !!

  • Dale St Clair says:

    Better yet; get the ontario government to entice future growth to areas west e.g. (winsor-sarnia-chatham) and east e.g. (Kingston-Belleville) Our GTA is getting filled up and our local environment is under stress, as evidenced by the salt content in our local streams. Your attempts are to be commended; but do not solve the underlying problem which few want to accept.
    Dale St Clair,

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