Get Hooked on Ice Fishing at Island Lake

Person drilling into ice for ice fishing

The recent snowfall and cold temperatures created the perfect conditions for winter activities at our parks. While many have been out hiking, skating, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing at CVC parks, it’s ice fishing that really has some people hooked!

Young boy holding fishing on a frozen lake
Logan, age 11, holding a pike he caught at Island Lake.

Island Lake Conservation Area is known for ice fishing. Many people head out to the park to enjoy the activity because it’s a fun, inexpensive way to get fresh air and sunshine during the long winter months. Ice fishing is offered at Island Lake when at least five inches of ice have formed across the lake. This year, discover new areas you may not have fished before, plus it’s a cool experience to be able to walk across a frozen lake.

Ice fishing rod on ice
At the Island Lake Shop, visitors can rent ice fishing rods.

For those with a competitive spirit, Island Lake hosts an annual Ice Fishing Derby. This year’s derby will run from February 12-21. Big catch prizes are available. To learn more and register for the derby, visit

Here are seven tips to keep in mind when you’re out on the ice:

  1. Dress in multiple layers to make sure you’re warm. Wear extra gloves, a hat and thick socks. Remember, you can always take off a layer if you’re too warm.
  2. If you plan to be out for an extended period, bring water or a thermos filled with a hot drink and snack to keep you going.
  3. You need the right gear for ice fishing. We have ice fishing rod rentals at the park and we can hook you up with bait.
  4. Make sure you have a valid Ontario fishing license. If you want to try ice fishing but don’t have a license, participate during Family Fishing Weekend from February 19-22.
  5. Follow the instructions provided by our dedicated staff and stay away from unsafe areas. Find the latest ice conditions information on our Park Advisories page.
  6. Be respectful of nature. Dispose of garbage property to help keep Island Lake clean.
  7. Have fun and enjoy a peaceful time on the lake!

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