Fishing at our Parks

A group of people fishing, while standing on a dock at the edge of a body of water.

Reeling in Fun

Imagine a day spent on a tranquil lake with birds singing from the trees, as you cast a line hoping to reel in a marvellous catch. You can experience a day just like this by planning a visit to one of our parks.  

Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) manages five parks where you can cast your lines. Discover what species are present, fishing tips from our experts and rentals available at our parks.

Where to Cast Your Line

A view of an open water lake through the water's edge vegetation.
A peaceful view of Island Lake where fishing is the most popular.

Our parks offer diverse environments and fish species for both beginners and seasoned anglers. Enjoy fishing at:

Island Lake Conservation Area

Connect with nature and explore Island Lake CA’s 400-acre lake where you can fish by boat or practice shore fishing at the water’s edge. The popular park offers 10 accessible fishing piers on the south shore. Even indulge your hobby with ice fishing in the winter months, conditions permitting.

Get ready for intense fishing action. Join the Island Lake Fishing Derby on July 13 and 14 for a chance to win up to $5,000 in prizes! Top six bass and additional prizes available for perch, crappie, pike and youth categories.

Ken Whillans Conservation Area

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced angler, enjoy warm weather fishing fun with family and friends at Ken Whillans CA.

Visitors can cast a line at two ponds with small fishing piers. Orchard Pond features northern pike and stocked rainbow trout each spring. You can also hike to Kidd Pond and try to hook a lively largemouth bass. While fishing back at the river, you can find brown trout. 

Please review our Voluntary Harvest Limits, Live Bait Ban and summary of Fisheries Management Regulations for Zone 16.

Belfountain Conservation Area

A tranquil spot for anglers. Enjoy fly fishing in the West Credit River running through Belfountain CA. You can fish for brook trout above the dam on the property and brown trout below.

Upper Credit Conservation Area

Enjoy views and fish the Credit River that is the backbone of Upper Credit CA. This park is a critical coldwater fish community that supports brook trout fishing.

Limehouse Conservation Area

Another gem for fishing enthusiasts offers fishing in Black Creek, a coldwater stream flowing through Limehouse CA. By practicing catch and release, you can help protect brook trout.

Follow Fishing Regulations

Remember to follow our fishing regulations to help protect fish and our waterways.

Special regulations apply when fishing in Caledon from Old Baseline Road up to Highway 9. Check the Fisheries Management Zone 16 regulations for details.

Fish Species to Catch

Fish species of interest to anglers include:

Largemouth Bass

A fish in murky water.
Largemouth bass at Island Lake CA.
  • Found at Island Lake and Ken Whillans.

Northern Pike

A fish hooked on a line half out of the water.
A northern pike hooked on a line.
  • Found at Island Lake and Ken Whillans.
  • Use a wire leader and bring a pair of pliers to unhook. Be careful pike have many sharp teeth!

Yellow Perch

A group of fish in bucket being weighed on a scale.
Yellow perch being weighed during 2023 fish community sampling.
  • Found at Island Lake.
  • Active during the summer and winter months.
  • Readily takes worms and small plastic grubs.

Black Crappie

Yellow perch being weighed during 2023 fish community sampling.
Observe the unique pattern of a black crappie.
  • Found at Island Lake
  • Active during the summer and winter months.


A fish in the palm of a hand.
A bluegill fished from Lake Aquitaine.
  • Found at Island Lake.
  • Likely the most numerous species in Island Lake.
  • Readily takes worms and small plastic grubs.


A person holding a fish by its mouth.
A pumpkinseed fish is identifiable by its unique colour and scale pattern.
  • Found at Island Lake and Ken Whillans.
  • Will breed with bluegill to form a hybrid.
  • Readily takes worms and small plastic grubs. 

Brown Trout

A person holding a fish with two hands over water.
A brown trout from Credit River.
  • Present at Belfountain and the Credit River at Ken Whillans.
  • Originally introduced from Europe.

Brook Trout

A school of fish swimming along a gravel streambed.
Brook trout swimming upstream in the Credit River.
  • Present at Belfountain, Upper Credit and Limehouse.
  • Also called speckled trout.

We Want Your Input

Help guide the development of our fisheries management plan for Island Lake Conservation Area. Take part in CVC’s 2024 Island Lake Open Water Angler Survey and contribute your input to enhance the understanding of harvest, preferred species and other valuable information.

Beginner Angler Tips

  • Try a variety of baits, colours and sizes. Crankbaits, plastics, spinnerbaits, surface baits and flies all work for a variety of species.
  • There’s an abundance of aquatic plants in some locations so try weedless, surface or single hook baits to minimize tangles with vegetation.
  • If your line becomes frayed or nicked, retie knots.
  • Yell “fish on” when you hook a fish near other anglers.
  • Be a responsible angler and keep the waters clean for all. Dispose of your garbage properly so that everyone can enjoy a clean environment.
  • Respect other anglers casting areas and avoid tangling lines.
  • Help stop the spread of invasive species by disposing of your bait properly and cleaning your boat.

Remember, fishing isn’t just about catching fish, it’s about connecting with nature and enjoying the peaceful surroundings.

Fishing Sales and Rentals

You can explore lake fishing, pond fishing, river fishing and in the winter–ice fishing. Each setting provides a unique experience.

Each park offers a variety of live bait and artificial lures, available all year.

A sit-on-top kayak with a wide hull.
One style of a fishing kayak available for rent at CVC parks.

New this Year: Fishing Kayaks

This year, we have added fishing kayaks rentals. Some key features of these improved kayaks are:

  • Rod holders
  • Two waterproof lockers for item storage
  • Additional storage room for gear behind the seat, instead of a second seat
  • Footrests
A kayak with a raised seat and storage compartments.
A secondary style of fishing kayak available for rent at Island Lake CA.

Our second fishing kayak style available at Island Lake CA has cargo storage, an additional seat, footrests, some internal storage and four rod holders!

Explore nature from the water and relax while fishing in a rental kayak or canoe, or personal boat. Available online now for first booking June 14.

By Jon Clayton, Aquatic Ecologist, Natural Heritage Management and Sarah Lebret, Associate, Marketing and Communications

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