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Aerial photo of a river and residential land.

We Value Your Input

You’re invited to share your input on the Watershed Plan using a new online mapping tool.

This application allows you to share comments about specific locations in the Credit River Watershed.

Your comments and feedback will help us identify priority areas and management actions in the next phases of the Watershed Plan. Drop a pin along with your comment, and a photo if you wish, anywhere in the watershed. Provide your input in the following four categories.

An adult and a child standing on a boardwalk

Favourite Places in the Watershed
What are your favourite places in the Credit River Watershed? Feel free to include a description of what makes it special to you. 

Priority Areas
Are there any areas in your community that you would like to see improved? Share your local environmental priorities you would like addressed by the Watershed Plan.

Have you spotted something interesting in the Credit River Watershed? The watershed is home to a large diversity of plants, wildlife and unique landscapes.

For Your Information
What do you think CVC should consider in the development of the Watershed Plan? Please share any additional comments.

Share Your Input

Explore our interactive map.

Please Note

Comments submitted in the Interactive Watershed Map will be summarized and used to help inform CVC’s Watershed Plan. If you have questions or would like to connect with CVC staff directly, please contact us.

By Shanice Badior, Coordinator, Watershed Plans and Analytics

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  1. I believe there would be an improvement to the Credit River Watershed if trees were allowed to be left to grow along the edges of the river from the source on down to that lake. A ribbon of natural canopy along the river would help to keep the river colder and provide a continuous place for wildlife to move freely.

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