Corporate Partnerships: Planting Seeds for the Future

UPS joins CVC staff to plant trees at Andrew McCandless Park on May 24, 2024.

A group of people in similar attire under a “Credit Valley Conservation” branded tent.
UPS joins CVC staff to plant trees at Andrew McCandless Park on May 24, 2024.

Connecting People With Nature

We’re passionate about connecting people with nature. We work to inspire a deep appreciation and action to protect the local environment.

We have committed corporate partners that have played a crucial role in our accomplishments within the Credit River Watershed. UPS has been a long-standing supporter, actively working to make a difference in the community.

Together is Better

A group of people on a grassy trail edge with two large UPS branded banners.
UPS joins CVC staff to plant trees.

Since 2011, we have partnered with UPS and with their support, have been able to work together on many environmental initiatives.

Highlights of our partnership with UPS include:

  • 500 trees and shrubs planted by UPS staff in May 2024, in Brampton’s Andrew McCandless Park and Peleg Howland Valley.
  • Over 1,000 UPS staff joined our volunteer tree plantings since 2011, helping plant 4,300 trees and shrubs.
  • UPS supported our volunteer events, where more than 3,600 community members learned how to plant a tree and connected with nature.
  • Overall, UPS has helped us plant over 16,000 trees and shrubs with community members during our partnership.

Our work together provides residents access to healthy and beautiful greenspaces to enjoy.

Building Healthy Communities

A group of people planting trees and shrubs in a grassy field.
Adding beauty by planting trees outside Susan Fennel Sportsplex with UPS staff in 2022.

In a joint effort for global climate action, UPS has committed to planting 50 million trees worldwide by 2030. Their support helps CVC’s Community Stewardship Team plant and care for over 8,000 native trees and shrubs every year. This also helps our staff maintain and monitor these ecosystems for three years following the planting.

Planting trees benefits us all. Trees in our communities build climate resilience. They help reduce the risks of floods, filter water and air and combat climate change by storing carbon dioxide.

Funding the Future

A person leaning on a shovel in the ground surrounded by potted nursery plants.
UPS gladly helps plant native trees and shrubs in Brampton’s Peleg Howland Valley in May 2024.

We rely on the generosity of partners like UPS to support local conservation efforts, such as environmental education and tree planting.

In 2023, UPS provided over $100,000 to support our community tree planting program and youth outreach programs, covering events from 2023 to 2024 and supporting the planting of 4,250 native trees and shrubs in local communities. They have generously provided nearly $550,000 to support CVC’s Community Outreach programs since 2011.

Through their assistance, CVC will facilitate nature-based class trips for five classes by the end of the year, connecting nearly 200 high school students in our Branch Out program. This program provides students with immersive ecological experiences that foster curiosity and enhance learning, setting the stage for success.

Protect and Restore the Watershed

Spring planting season is coming to its end. If you are interested in planting trees with us this fall, check our events page for more details.

Employers can engage and inspire staff with hands-on activities like tree planting and invasive species removal with our Corporate Conservation Program.

Students looking to earn volunteer hours can take environmental action through our Conservation Youth Corps (CYC) program or Frontline environmental leadership program.

By Sarah Lebret, Associate, Marketing and Communications

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