A Friendly Photography Competition Among Staff

Each year field staff from CVC’s Ecology and Monitoring group compete in a photo contest. We take pictures of all aspects of our work–from the messy to the majestic! The photo contest helps us build a library of quality photos used in reports, social media and communication pieces.

Staff enter their photos in a variety of categories. Here are some of the winners from the 2019 contest. Enjoy!

Best Common Species. Spring peepers are one of the most abundant amphibian species we have in the Credit River Watershed. Getting a photo of these little frogs is tricky. They’re usually hidden on the forest floor and rarely keep still!

Frog perched on a branch on the forest floor.

Best Data Collection. Occasionally we have to collect data from some less-than-ideal environments. Here, staff are in the Creditview Wetland carefully navigating through waist deep ponds and dense cattails. They’re making sure equipment and datasheets stay dry!

Two people walking waist deep in a wetland.

Best Plant.
Staff sometimes use a magnifying lens to help spot small features to help identify plants. This slough sedge has tiny hairs on its leaves and triangular shaped seeds.

Grass seeds through a magnifying glass.

Best Animal Are you afraid of the dark? Salamanders aren’t! In the spring, we find mole salamanders migrating at night when it rains. They do this to avoid predators and stay hydrated while navigating through forests towards breeding ponds.

Salamander walking on the ground at night.

Best CVC Branded. Depending on the type of work, our staff wear a variety of field clothes to carry out their tasks safely and comfortably. Chest waders keep us dry and buffs  protect us from pesky bug bites! We always wear our CVC uniforms when working so you know who we are also it also helps build team spirit.

Person kneeling on the ground holding a crayfish and a second person next to them looking at the crayfish.

Photo of the Year. We get up very early in the mornings to survey birds. Orpen Lakes Estates is a CVC property featuring a large mature forest. It’s home to many interesting species. Here you may overhear the melodic winter wren, catch a glimpse of the colourful scarlet tanager, or quietly listen for the buzzy song of the black-throated blue warbler.

Sun rays shining through a forest.

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By CVC’s Jose Maloles, Technician, Watershed Monitoring

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  1. Excellent photos. Love seeing staff in action! Very enjoyable to view!
    Thank you for the delights that are found in our watershed.

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