Climate Change

Climate Change

Wetland, stream, and pond management practices that promote carbon sequestration, and protect and restore habitats will build ecosystem resiliency and help buffer against the impacts of climate change.

If climate change trends continue we can expect:

  • reduced groundwater and surface water supplies
  • increased frequency and severity of storms
  • flooding.

The natural environment may also be effected through the:

  • reduction of wetland and stream habitats
  • shift of species habitats (e.g., cold water streams to warm water streams)
  • increase of invasive species.

Landowners can help combat the effects of climate change on a local level by developing long-term stewardship plans designed to enhance, protect and restore wetlands, streams and ponds.  To find out about CVC programs and guides that can help landowners prepare their natural environments for climate change, contact a CVC stewardship coordinator today.


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