Where to Find Plants

If you’ve found invasive species growing in your yard, remove them and replace them with native plants. Removing invasive species can be challenging, but choosing native plants can be fun.

While it may be tempting to take plants from a nearby forest or field, you shouldn’t bring plants from the wild home with you. These plants support wildlife and keep natural areas diverse and resilient.

Instead, visit one of the many native plant nurseries found in Southern Ontario. Use our native plant nursery guide to help you find one that suits your needs. Some of these nurseries are open to the public, while others are open by appointment only. A few offer shipping or curbside pickup. Be sure to call ahead. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, mention this to staff so they know there’s demand for those plants.

To ensure you’re getting the right plant, read the label closely. Look for the Latin name (usually italicized) to confirm the species. A plant can have many common names, but the Latin name will always be the same. For example, the Latin name for black-eyed Susan is Rudbeckia hirta.

Keep an eye out for names in quotes following the Latin name, e.g., Rudbeckia hirta ‘Maya.’ This indicates the plant is a cultivar. Cultivars are plants produced by selective breeding and may not offer the same benefits to our local birds, butterflies and bees.

Use our plant lists to gather the information you need before placing your plant orders or heading to the nursery. You can download our plant lists or purchase them from our online store.

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