What Will You Restore?

Adult and child planting tree

What will you restore?

On June 5, the United Nations declared the next ten years the Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. They want you to join #GenerationRestoration in healing our planet by taking action to restore degraded ecosystems worldwide. Here’s how you can help.

Understand your impact

Ecosystems, like forests, rivers, grasslands, and deserts cover the planet. The health of one can affect the others. Improving the health of our local ecosystems will improve the health of ecosystems worldwide. With over 50 per cent of the global population living in cities, we have an opportunity to create big change by taking action in our urban spaces, including in our yards/at home.

What is ecosystem restoration?

Cities committed to creating healthy and vibrant urban ecosystems nurture natural areas, parks and green spaces, promote green infrastructure, and encourage residents to plant trees and gardens in their yards and on their balconies and rooftops.

Plant a tree in your yard

Trees are the workhorses of restoration. Planting just one tree can provide ecosystem benefits and add beauty and colour to your neighbourhood. Discover the best local trees and shrubs to plant in your yard and where to find them. Add wildflowers or groundcovers to increase biodiversity and amplify your impact.

Protect the water

The health of our freshwater systems is directly related to the quality of our drinking water. Protect our creeks, rivers, and lakes by cleaning up after your pet, avoiding chemical fertilizers, and allowing rainwater to soak into the ground instead of draining into storm sewers by disconnecting your downspout or planting a rain garden.

Build your skills

Attend our Caring for Your Green Yard webinar to learn how to keep your home landscape healthy and thriving.

Choose your action

Small, local actions improve communities and ecosystems and create global impacts. Choose an action and start today!

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