Watch These Tree Benefits Emerge Each Season

Two birds passing a berry with their beak.

The Magic of Trees

From tall, majestic hardwoods to saplings still stretching their branches to the sky, trees support and enhance the world around us. Here are a few ways trees benefit humans, birds and pollinators throughout the year.

In Spring

  • Coniferous trees like red cedar create shelter for our early nesters like robins, while birds like the blue-grey gnatcatcher take advantage of cover created by emerging oak leaves.
  • Trees like serviceberry and redbuds’ early spring blooms provide healthy food for hungry bumble bees.
  • Trees slow down and soak up spring rains, pulling water deep into the soil and away from our drains.

In Summer

  • Trees supply food for birds to feed their fledglings, and a safe place for them to molt into their fall feathers.
  • Trees help ensure the next generation of some of our favourite winged insects, as many butterflies spend the summer searching for the perfect tree to lay their eggs on.
  • Trees keep us cool, reducing the need for air conditioning and allowing us to spend more time outside in the shade.

In Fall

  • Trees’ berries and seeds supply migrating birds with important nutrients as they make their way back to their winter homes.
  • Trees act as a safe place for migrating monarchs to cluster and keep warm during cool nights.
  • Trees’ brilliant fall colours give us even more reason to head outside for a walk, improving our health and wellbeing.

In Winter:

  • Coniferous trees provide shelter for the many birds that spend their winters with us.
  • Trees’ fallen leaves act as a warm blanket for pollinators sleeping through our cold, dark winters.
  • Trees create a wind block, keeping us and our homes warm.
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