Signs You Can Start Planting

Person standing digging in a garden

Be Garden Conscious

Snow is melting, temperatures are rising – but is it too early to start planting? There are a few dates you’ll want to keep in mind before getting the shovel out. You can also watch for clues from Mother Nature.

Planting Trees and Shrubs

The best time to plant trees and shrubs is as soon as the ground thaws, before trees begin growing new leaves. This usually takes place between April and early May. Melting snow and spring rain will give your new tree or shrub the moisture it needs to get off to a healthy start in its new location. Before digging, remember to contact Ontario One Call to have underground utilities marked.

Planting Perennial Wildflowers, Grasses and Ferns

These plants are more tender and do best when planted after the last heavy frost. Many gardeners and farmers refer to the frost calendar, while others wait until maple trees begin to leaf-out as a sign it’s warm enough to plant. Either way, this tends to occur in mid-May in the Credit River Watershed. Note that climate change has created unpredictable growing seasons, so it’s always possible you may need to plant sooner or hold off for a few more days. In the meantime, check out our list of native plant nurseries and get your shopping list ready!

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